Thursday, August 26, 2010


Jumat sore minggu lalu. Di kantor. Udah bahagia mau mudik, jreng jreng jreng..
Mobil gue gak bisa distater....

Marah deh.
Kepaksa lah naik taksi.

Foto di atas adalah suasana ketika di-jumper besoknya.
Keren ya, sabtu2 'ngantor'

Macet, Macet, Macet!

Bulan puasa ini macetnya pol2an. Menyebalkan.
Hampir tiap hari gue satu jam pulang ke apartemen.

Yang paling menyebalkan adalah jika ada demo. Macetnya bener2 dari flyover Saharjo.

Biasanya gue ambil jalur paling kiri dan gak masuk terowongan.
Kecuali tadi.

Udah jumawa paling kiri, eh eh eh ternyata yang naik ke RAsuna Said malahan stuck!!

Untung keliatan yang masuk ke terowongan agak jalan...
Alhamdulillah juga Rasuna Saidnya gak semacet kemarin...

Total 1,5 jam.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

The Body Shop Camomile Waterproof Makeup Remover

Usualy I use Maybelline waterproof makeup remover, but I decided to try The Body Shop.

Unlike the liquid Maybelline, TBS has creamy texture.
And it doesn't do its job as good as Maybelline :(

It removed MAC Fluidline eyeliner perfectly, but it took me more time to remove waterproof mascara (Cat Eyes by Maybelline).

To be honest I don't like this product. It's not cheap (IDR 99,000 for 100 ml) and it takes much time and patient to remove waterproof mascara.

Health Comments

I promised myself not to tell/complain about my condition: tired; flu; cold; etc because people tend to give me advices, such as:
Eat healthy; sleep well; don't exhaust yourself; take Vitamin C.

I try to live healthy. I quit smoking. I don't drink cold drinks anymore...

So it's better not to tell anything about my health, especially to someone who doesn't know me well.

PS: the picture is not related to my health :) I took that with camera phone, tried to capture my scar...and I failed :)

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

My boyfriend says I look fat in this picture, but I think I look good :)

and yes, I gained 2 kg..that's why you don't see many pics lately

After Haircut

After the haircut, I tried to find good lighting because I love my (blowed-out) hair sooooo much and want to get a picture of it.

IT was was a camera phone...don't expect good result...:)

Hair Cut...Finally

My hair loss was getting I decided to get a trim.

The process didn't take long..I mean, it was just a trim and blow out. I loved the blow out, I even ask for hair spray!

Anyway, during the cut the stylist commented on my skin, "wow, your skin is sooo you go to dermatologist??"


Sorry for bad was hard to find good lighting and the camera was a camera phone

Monday, August 2, 2010



Goldi => Goldie. She's very very nice. Love her. My favorite.

Frenli => he's so friendly

Ugly Broni :)

Cross-body Bags

Just wanna share some of my cros-body bags

I took this on last year trip to HK. It's Elizabeth.

Faux Kipling I bought in Plaza Cibubur. It's cute but it's not too roomy -for my folding bags-

Ohh..another fake bag. It has Agnes B logo, but even a non-expert would know that it's fake.

And this one is a dream come true. It's Elle I bought in Batam.