Monday, April 23, 2012

How Do I Look?

I hope I look good. I just don't care about any comments. My hair finally grows out, I dyed it with cheap hair dye. I'm happy about it. I think I look cute (??) I unveiled my head-cover in April, tried not to reply any comment sarcasticly.

 This is what I look now. Short hair, 5 kg weight gain... ..something I really hate because there's nothing I can do about it.

 I try protein shakes for dinner. I try vegetables at night. Didn't work. Still have 5 kg to lose.

 I still can't exercise because I got tired ALL the time. Go ahead, make comments "do yoga". Unless you've had chemotherapy before, I wouldn't listen to that. I also wouldn't listen to 'you should take this zzz-herbs pills". I'm just tired hearing things.

 And lately I feel like I just had chemo. Sore throat, light fever, bad coordination. But I don't mention it anymore because people would think I'm just lazy.

 Oh my, I just want to get rid of that 5 kg!!!