Monday, December 19, 2011

Benefit Chacha Tint

Right now I'm little bit obsessed with lipstain, so when my aunt went to Malaysia, I asked her to get me a lipstain.

She bought me Benefit Chacha Tint (and got herself a Benetint).

FYI, Benefit is not available in Indonesia at the time of writing.

What is a Chacha Tint? It's "This mango-tinted stain beautifully blushes lips & cheeks with a tropical sunset hue. Smooch-proof & smudge-proof, this sheer stain will have you looking deliciously sun-kissed for hours." according to the company.

It took many trial and (LOTS of) error to apply this product.

First, I dot it on my cheek, closed the caps, then worked on my right cheek first,then my left.

BIG mistake.

I got streak on my left cheek!!
At that time I realized that this product absorbed very very quickly. So now I can give you tips to apply the tint:

Open the cap, dot it on one side of your cheek, then blend immediately. Dot the other cheek and blend right away.
Then you can close the cap.

Beautifuly flushed-cheek that lasts all day long!!

This is me wearing the tint. Please pay attention on my blush. I look fresh-er with this.

PS: don't forget to wash your hand after wearing this pigmented tint!