Thursday, November 26, 2009


I don't and I can't sew. But I have to admit that I love to sew, probably it's a lil heritage from my mom. I realized this when I tore old towel into 4 pieces and sew the edges, I enjoyed that.

Years ago, when our cats weren't as many as we have now, my mother loved to sew. She made me handycrafts when I was a kid. She made me skirts, dresses --too bad my reversed-triangle shaped body can't fit well in Femina patterns so they're no longer wearable-- and I still have the skirts.

The curiosity about cloth pad leads me to many things: there's a site dedicated to pad reviews (Cloth Pad Reviews) and turn out you can make your own pads (just google 'cloth pad pattern' and you'll fine many many sites).

To be honest, I'm interested making my own pads....if only the fabrics were available here!!!
So right now, I'm happy enough to order from Tiny Tapir, hehehee...

But in my opinion, you can make your own panty liners using 4 layer of flannel. Adahy offers a very good pattern and tips. She also has many pattern for menstrual pads, but I think it's hard to find hemp, bamboo, microfleece or PUL in Jakarta. Whistle pea also has easy pattern.

Please inform me if you already made your own pads :)

LT Pro Translucent Powder

I was disappointed with my Oriflame Airsoft Powder so I had to search another one. I was going to Plaza Cibubur last Sunday when I noticed a brand called LT Pro.

It's a professional makeup line from La Tulipe --a brand that I love-- and I was interested by the powders.

I was like "it's a pro thing. It should have medium coverage and nice texture" and purchased LT Pro Translucent Powder in Clair, very fair color, and hope I could wear it alone without foundation when I'm not in the mood for much makeup.

I can't comment on the staying power because it's no different from other brands I've tried.
I like the texture, it's blendable, but it's too translucent for a professional makeup line and I was expecting something more opaque so I was disappointed.

Silly me. It's has translucent in its name, baby!!!

Price: IDR 80,000 ++

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Lil' Things I Do for Environment

I'm really into 3R-thing. I'm not interested (yet) in emission reduction. For me, trading my luxurious cars with public transportation or bicycle is too hard and too much effort to do. Too much risks. I just can't do it.

But reducing waste is much easier to do.
Here's what I do:
  1. I substitute toilet paper with (old) towels. I do this in apartment and office. No, I don't bring my towels everywhere. It's too complicated :)
  2. For feminine thing, I limit the use of disposables. I use cloth panty liner and menstrual cloth pad.
  3. To reduce plastic bag, I put plastic bag (folded into triangle shape) inside my handbag.
  4. In line with number 3, I also bring shopping bags. And the fact that those folding bags are cute doesn't hurt either :)
  5. I bring my own Tupperware lunch box to office because I order from canteen and without the box, it will come in paper wraps and plastic bags. And I hate that.
  6. I try to print drafts in used paper.
  7. I keep empty used envelopes to wrap my (disposable) pads. I also use receipts to write my grocery shopping lists.

All you need is will power (and another carry on to store the pads, towels and lunch box). If I can do it, you can do it too.

Love Moon Anion

I was travelling when I had my period so I had to use disposables. I already had the Love Moon Anion, an MLM product, and I tried it.

I was amazed when I knew the price tag for 10 day pads: it cost IDR 50,000!!! Wow.

After trying it, I have some cons and pros.

  • It felt sooo dry.
  • No nasty smell. Blood is organic, sure it has certain smell, but Love Moon makes it less unpleasant.
  • Usually I had cramp and headaches during my period and sometimes took Feminax to ease the pain. Believe it or not, with Anion, I experienced less.
I'm not a heavy bleeder so I was dissapointed when it leaked. Ugh. But probably it was my fault because I forgot to change it after 8 hours(!).

How to Clean the Pads

I read many reviews in the Internet about the pads and sometimes the writer wrote about how to wash the pads.

  1. rinse them untill the water runs clear then wash them.
  2. wash them after overnight soak .
  3. wash them at the end of her cycle.
  4. wash them once a month. (ewwwww!)

I find number 3 and 4 little bit offensive (hehehe), I combine 1 and 2 and it's not as easy as it seems. I'll explain later.

Cloth panty liners

I wash my panties daily so I don't have any problem washing the pantyliners:

Soak it with detergent when I got home and wash it at the end of the day. I use a small plastic bucket (about 20 cm diameter) and it can fit 2 'toilet towels', 2 panties and 2-3 pads. I use about 1 table spoon of Attack Detergent and two-three rinses are enough to clean them. Simple.

Menstrual pads

To be honest, it's not easy to clean the pads. I stained my undyed 11" Moonbow :(

I rinse it until the water clear and soak it overnight. And the Moonbow still stained, not heavily stained, but it had stain. After it dried, I washed it again, this time using pre-wash stain remover (a baby product, I forgot the brand. Cussons, perhaps?) and it's not completely gone, but better.

The Moonbow takes much effort to clean while I don't have much problems with Fresh Moon.

But it's a mentrual pad. It's meant to be stained :D

Monday, November 23, 2009

How to Buy Branded Things

I have 2 Guy Laroche and 1 Gobelini.

I write this because after visited Batam, there are some brands that no longer interested me.

I saw many, many, many LV, Aigner, Dior, Gucci, Guess replicas there, so even if you can afford the real ones, please don't buy them. Many people would question "is it real?" :)

Don't buy anything you can't afford, otherwise people would know that it's fake.

For example, I could purchase a Gucci replica for IDR 800,000 but my friends, relatives and coworkers would know it's fake because they know I can't afford the real one.

But anyway, I purchased fake brown Agnes B small bag in Plaza Cibubur yesterday, not for the brand, just because it's cute!!!!!

Batam Trip

Tanggal 19-21 kemarin gue ke Batam...acara kantor. Berangkat jam 10.45 dari Jakarta jadi sampai sana masih sempat liat2 toko.

Gue beli DUA tas Bonia (tidak asli tentu saja), satu buat gue dan satu buat nyokap. Modelnya mirip2, warna coklat hanya ukurannya yang beda.

Tanggal 20 November adalah acara kantor, gue baru kelar jam 19.30 dan agak terlambat untuk belanja2. Ya sudah, just enjoyed the hotel with coworkers, gossip updating :)

Hari terakhir, flight gue siang jam 15.55 jadi gue punya banyak waktu. Gue jalan ke daerah Batu Aji karena katanya di sana banyak Lego bekas.

In fact, inilah alasan gue bawa koper besar....waktu berangkat kosong banget dan gue wrap dengan plastik karena mau masuk bagasi...and the wrapped luggage looked stupid because it was empty...

Ugh, ternyata di sana gak ada apa2. Lego udah punya 'sindikat' tersendiri. Percuma gue jauh2 ke sana. Tapi gue liat fan mini, jadi gue beli aja. Lumayan lah dari pada gak belanja :P

Jadi gue balik lagi ke daerah Nagoya dan belanja fragrance buat 'si AA' lalu ngider2 sampai makan siang lalu balik ke hotel...terus ke airport.

Kemudian di airport gue melihat koper (dan tas kecilnya, dan travel bag yang ada rodanya...) warna shocking pink dan gue naksir tapi gak gue beli. Here's the list of things I had crush on:
  1. Pink Hush Puppies luggage. and the small travel bag.
  2. Red Elle small and medium handbag.
  3. Shocking pink luggage..and the small bag.
  4. Small luggage with stripes. I didn't buy it because it was too expensive for the quality. The leather straps and handle looked cheap for IDR 350,000!

Now I can say that I'm a bag/handbag/luggage freak. And I had weakness for sets. I didn't buy the luggage because I already had TWO gorgeous ones from HK. And for the Elle, simply the price that stopped me. It was too expensive for something I didn't need.

Anyway, Batam is a good place to visit if you like 'replicas' (a polite term for fake). You can find Gucci 'replica' that looked very very very real for IDR 800,000. Electronics are not immune to replicas. You can buy a 'Blackberry' even when the software(?) is Nexian. That will cost you IDR 1 million.

I'm not into replica-thing, especially electronics, so the trip to Batam was OK, not great.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Pengalaman Naik E Class

Hahhaa, norak banget ya ginian aja gue bahas...

Kemarin gue gak bawa mobil jadi harus order taksi. Telpon Bluebird, minta yang biasa, dia bilang gak janji. Eh, ngomongnya lebih halus kok, ini interpretasi kasar gue aja, hehehe..

Lalu gue bilang "Kalau Silverbird, maka saya mau yang E Class"

Sekali lagi dia bilang gak janji, tentu dengan bahasa yang sopan.

Jadi gue pesan taksi jam 8, turun ke lobi jam 7.45 (biasanya mereka 15 menit lebih awal), menunggu Vios/C Class/E Class??!

Setiap Bluebird datang, gue tanya ke satpam "Buat tower berapa, pak?" dan pasti bukan buat gue.

Dengan sabar gue tunggu...hingga kemudian jam 8 tepat datanglah Silverbird, E Class.

That's my taxi!!!

Gue duduk di belakang..mencoba menikmati E Class...hmm...udah lama gak naik E Class. Dulu bokap punya boxer (300 E) tapi udah dijual pas gue SMA. Dan saat itu gue belum bisa nyupir. Rugi deh....

Lalu, apa rasanya duduk di E Class??

Sejujurnya, rasanya keras. Jauh lebih enak duduk di Volvo. Sumpah...

Oriflame Air Soft Powder

I ran outta loose powder and couldn't decide between Make Up For Ever's HD microfinish powder and Dior's Diorskin Nude.

Well, that was the plan. But life sucks (hehehe) cat Bubun needed surgery and I didn't have the budget for fancy powders anymore :D

So I had to purchase a cheaper one. I never tried Oriflame powders before, so I gave it a try.

It was Oriflame Air Soft Powder, came in two colors (Light and Clear), I choose Light.

The worst thing about purchasing from a catalog is no testers.

I was associating LIGHT with FAIR, then when the order came, turned out that LIGHT equals TAN.


Luckily the powder is sheer --supersheer it has no coverage-- so I have sheer-tan skin.


  1. Good if you like sheer coverage.
  2. Good price.

  1. Limited colors --and I choose the wrong one. Stupid!--
  2. Nice texture, easy to blend. yeah, probably because it's soooo sheer.

And for me, I hate it because it doesn't match my skintone.

The powder-hunting season has begun.....

Love Moon Anion Panty Liner

I hope you don't mind if I write about................MLM product :P

It's Love Moon Anion Panty Liner.

I don't remember all the claim, but I can remember that it release anion (something good for your body); not made from recycled material (translation: the product isn't bleached); it provide dryness.

I wear it every night, not because I need it, just want to know the health benefit.

I've been wearing it for 2 nights now...all I can say that it really, really, really dry (yes, I touch the surface, hehehe). Drier than 'generic' brands you find in supermarkets. Another good thing is: no nasty smell.

If you wear pantyliner/sanitary napkins and think you smell bad, that's not you. That's the product. You won't experience it with cloth pad or Anion Panty Liner.

OK, those are the pros. How about the cons? For me, the disposable part is the worst one. And not using recycled material, along with the anion releasing system, adds the cost. Translation = super-expensive.

But my dear, if you can't do something good to environment, at least you do something good to your body.....

The Pad Story

Yesterday I 'socialize' the pads to female my coworker and ex boss(es). All were interested, and to my surprise, nobody complained about the price. The common question was

"will it leak?" and my answer was

"I just had 1 Fresh Moon at that time and I wore that on my lighter period. It didn't leak"

I'm not a good sales, but a good commodity will sell itself.

Anyway, at home I washed all the new pads. Living in 30 stories means less humidity, so my laundry gets dry quicker than in 'land'. Yesterday I did another laundry so I can spin-dry them. This morning I analized about their drying speed:

(it was raining yesterday)
Fresh Moon 9" was completely dry.
Fresh Moon 11" still slighly damp, probably 90% dry

Mollyliners were completely dry.

Moonbow (the most expensive pads available in Tiny Tapir) - in 7,9,11 and 13"- were still damp, probably 80% dry.

Honeybee with 'insert' were about 90% dry.

I can't make conclusion on this, but if I wanna wear the Moonbow, I can't do the way I do tho Mollyliners.

Monday, November 16, 2009

My New Collection!!!

I'm talking about new pads...not handbag/folding bags :)

Here's the 9", 11" and 13" pad.
And they look this way when folded.

I also purchased the smaller size, about 7". Here's the look when they are folded.

And here they are in normal look :) You can see some of them have 'inserts'. You can use the insert for heavier days.

Friday, November 13, 2009


Note: this is my personal opinion. You don't have to agree with me. Thanks

I was reading my favorite beauty blog, Beauty Addict, who wrote about Mary Kay Satin Hands that lead me to pink truth, a site about fact, opinion, real story of Mary Kay Cosmetics.

I read the postings, and then thinking....most of the posters were MK consultant and they weren't happy about it. That it was a cult, that it made them almost broke (because in order to be in certain level, you need to purchase, as example, US$ 4000 of product. You can't consume them all in once and MK constantly change their packaging, leaving unused product that can't be sold). They hate MK consultant for being tooo pushy, or for treating a party as recruitment opportunity.

Simply said: MK isn't a good bussiness.

I also read that MLM aren't good.

But it's their opinion. How about mine?

I never buy anything too bombastic. If a friend inform me about a Volvo that IDR 20 million less than standard, I don't believe it. The question would be:

  1. Is the owner desperate for money? => BU?
  2. Does the car needs many, many, repairment? => banyak jajan?
  3. How about the taxes? => pajaknya mati? Berapa tahun?
If the reason is number 1, that's a good bargain. But if you'll need to spend IDR 25 million for repairment, that's not worth it.

Same judgement applies to MLM.

Once I joined Oriflame (Swedish cosmetics), simply because I wanted the discount :)

Once I saw an ads in FB saying work from home, earn up to IDR 40 million! and I was instantly sceptical about that.

Life sucks and you can't have everything. You can't have good career, good kids, good home, good husband and good friends at a time. You gotta make a choice. So when the ads said work from home, I believed it would sacrife some quality time with your kids and husband. And the 40 million part made me think:

Work from home = spend hours talking on the phone, online on the Internet replying emails and updating my sites, attending bussiness meetings/training --which usually held after office hour or on weekends--, leave the baby cry because I can't leave this potential customer.

One member of Pink Truth wrote about her successful career in MK....because she spent almost 80 hours working.

Hey, that's twice office working hour!

I know a family who do MLM full-time, and without support from their relatives, they'd have no car and no house.

So, what do I think about MLM?
  1. I can't be wealthy unless you're in top level => I'm one of the first members
  2. I can't have IDR 40 million because I'm too lazy to do that.
  3. Besides lazy, I don't have many friends, so it would be impossible to have 40 million because you have to recruit many many many people.
  4. I can't make a living with MLM only. I need a full time job.

Yes, I believe that I can make some money doing MLM, but sure not 40 million a month :D

My Makeup Storage

I stop buying makeup (unless I finished something) because the storage is limited, they take forever to finish, they'll expired.

Guess I'm no longer a makeup freak :)

But I do have a system to store them, of course. Inspired by Paris B, I took picture of my makeup. This is it. The plastic drawer contains my makeup bases; cool tone eyeshadow and blush; warm tone eyeshadow and blush. I don't have many regular size lipsticks, I have Oriflame testers that fit easily in plastic bag inside that drawer.
And this is for liquid foundations and pencils: eye pencils, mascaras, and lip pencils.

I realize I don't wear lip liner much, so I stop purchasing them. Same thing with lip gloss. And colorful eyeliner.
(And if I buy them, it'd be the cheap ones, hehehehe)

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Bubun dan Kehebohannya

Kucing gue Bubun minggu lalu hamilnya sudah besaaar banget, tapi gak lahir2, dan dia gak mau makan hingga kurus kering, jadi gue putuskan bawa ke dokter.

Lahirlah 7 bayi dengan operasi caesar, hahahhaha!!!

Bubun juga sekalian disteril juga...gue gempor lah kalau tiap melahirkan tiap caesar...FYI, biaya operasi dan opnamenya 790 ribu.

Ya, gue gak jadi beli bedaknya Dior karena anggaran gue habis, hahahaha.

Namun, cerita tidak habis di situ.

Rumah gue lagi panen bayi. Ruko, Fla, dan Bonyok lahiran juga. Kehebohan dimulai saat Bonyok meninggalkan anaknya begitu saja sesudah lahir, masih berdarah2, dan bayinya dimakan Mino satu. Untung ibu gue liat jadi yang satu diselamatkan. Satu anak ini akhirnya dikasih ke Ruko atau Fla.

Fla dan Ruko adalah kucing yang pasif, beda dengan Bubun yang galak. Bun, loe batak ya? Hihihi. Bayinya Bubun pada mati dan yang hidup tinggal dua, namun dia merasa anaknya ada banyak...

...lalu dia menculik anak2 Ruko dan Fla, hahahaha!!!

Padahal ibu gue udah membagi dengan adil...masing2 dapat 3 tetep aja dia gak puas.

Kadang dia maksa masuk ke kardusnya Fla...kadang Fla mengalah dan duduk di luar, kadang mereka sempit2an (dan salah satu harus gue keluarin, takut anaknya kegencet), kadang Bubun merebut kardus Ruko...

Ibu gue selalu membagi anak2 itu (dan ibu gue udah mulai ketuker2, ini anak siapa sih)...pernah Ruko dikeluarin, jadi hanya ada Bubun dan Fla dalam rumah...harusnya kan bisa 4-4 bayi tuh....

Eh Bubun serakah...dia ambil lagi 3 anak...

Jadi Bubun ngelonin 7 dan Fla kebagian satu 1...parah loe!!!

Agar tertib administrasi dan tidak mengganggu jam tidur kami, Bubun hanya diberi kesempatan ngelonin di siang hari...dan sekalinya ngelonin, wuih keliatan banget dia sayang ama bayi2 itu...dimandikan dengan kasih sayang..dipeluk...kan jarang kucing meluk anaknya, tapi Bubun meluk anaknya tuh.

Dan jika kalian liat rona wajahnya pas ngelonin anaknya....tampak sekali dia puas...bangga.....dan bahagia :)

Anak-Nero Meninggal :(

her last picture :(

Hiks hiks hiks..

Ibu gue kemarin telpon...bilang AnakNero meninggal..

Duh...kenapa sih yang mati yang kesayangan gue???!!!

Dari kemarin2 dia emang keliatan sakit...Sabtu kemarin gue bawa ke dokter (sesuatu yang yang jarang gue lakukan untuk kitten seusia dia)....tapi katanya gak apa2...

Dan kemarin dia meninggal :((

Monday, November 9, 2009

Cloth Pads, Another Revies

I have to admit..since wearing the pads, I have more laundry. But I don't least I'm no longer feeling guilty every time I throw something to trash bin.

Anyway, what is cloth pad? It's a washable 'soft*x', made from fabric.

Here's what I got from Wikibooks
Cloth menstrual pads are a reusable alternative to disposable sanitary napkins used by women when they are menstruating, experiencing post partum flow, and also by people who are mildly incontinent. They are made of an absorbent cloth and are washed and dried between each use. There are many different designs, and may include one-piece items, or a case and towel insert.

Traditional disposable sanitary napkins are made of plastic and bleached cotton/rayon batting. These are not reusable. Cloth menstrual pads can be made from new materials or from old materials such as old pillow cases, sheets, and towels. 100% cotton fleece fabric (like the fabric found in most jogging wear) is the best for both comfort and absorbency. Some designs suggest a flannel bottom layer to go against the underwear, as it helps the pad to stay in place, others recommend a light-weight waterproof nylon attached to the bottom of the pad and either buttons or Velcro to fasten the pad securely into underpants. There is also breathable nylon available (i.e. Gortex) in some fabric stores.

Advantages of cloth menstrual pads
Disposable sanitary napkins are expensive, particularly to the environment. At the rate of 4 per day, 6 days a month, 12 months a year, for over 35 years, an average woman will be throwing away about 10,000 pads or tampons in her life as well as their plastic packaging. These are then either incinerated (bad for air quality) or put into land fill (where they will take hundreds of years to break down). Cloth menstrual pads last for years before disposal is necessary and some may even be composted.

Reusable pads are a more natural alternative than disposable napkins. As they are made of cloth rather than plastics, they allow your skin to breathe, causing less odour and reducing chaffing and irritation. They are less likely to cause rashes, contact dermatitis, and may reduce the scent of menstrual blood on the cloth pad, as well as helping women afflicted with certain types of vaginitis. Women with sensitive skin and allergies may find cloth pads to be more comfortable against their skin, particularly cloth pads made of undyed organic cotton.

In the long term, it is less expensive to buy and produce cloth menstrual pads compared to disposable menstrual products. They can be made by hand for little or no cost. Cloth menstrual pads are also highly customizable so you can make yours fit you.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Traveling Tips From A Traveling-Hater

Oh, I hate traveling. I really hate it. Partly because I have insomnia :(

Anyway, you do sometimes have to travel. Either it's bussiness, or simply because someone pay for your trip :D

Here's what I bring when I'm traveling:

Mine is Elizabeth (made in Indonesia). This is where I keep my ticket/passport, important medication (paracetamol and Diatabs, hehehe), lipbalm, pocket tissue, wallet, cell phone, ballpoint, hand sanitizer (in mini size) and small folding hair comb.

Traveling isn't time for cute backpacks, so I bring my green Delsey. It's where I put anything that can't be stored in my luggage or something I want to use later in flight. I put my sweater coat (I'm a hot person. I mean, I can't stand the cold), personal medication (won't put them in baggage), a hat (something to keep my head warm during flight), cell phone charger and 1 pair of clean underwear.

I always afraid that the luggage would lost somewhere, or something bad happen such as bad weather and stranded in airport for hours with low battery and dirty underwear :D

Always travel with wheels! Carrying regular travel bags would be exhausting.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Un-ecofriendly and Un-pretty Trip

@ HK Airport, ready to go home!

Although I try to do the 3R (well, at least the REDUCE part), traveling isn’t time to be eco-friendly. I used shampoo and conditioner in sachet; I even used paper underwear; and sure no pads! I just use the disposables.

And if disposable bra were available, I'd wear them...

I even left my broken luggage; my tiny bucket (and got another one, very cute pink bucket); my body brush (hey, the handle is broke, just like the luggage); my body lotion; my Listerin. It was a WASTE-TRIP.

(I’m very Indonesian about the toilet. I can’t use dry-toilet so I brought along my bucket when traveling)

And the un-pretty part was my makeup. If you see I’m not too photogenic in pictures as I used to, that’s because I didn’t bring much makeup there. No MAC Fluidline, it was just Maybelline eyeliner (something easy to take off at night), no concealer (it would be too messy to bring loose powder), no mascara, not even lipstick. I just brought a sheer lipcolor by Revlon. And no touched up during the day because I was too lazy to pack my makeup in the backpack.

That was my face. How about my looks?

While I love dressing up, I never Travel In Style. I wore moccasin, jeans, small cross-body bag (and the zipper was broken during the trip) and a backpack to bring my sweater-coat. I hated that because it wasn’t cold at all.

If I knew that it would be hot…if I knew that the girls were dazzling….ugh….

Hong Kong Trip: the Agenda

Waiting for the MTR

I had change to go to HK, 22-26 Oct 2009…sponsored by my aunt. We stayed in Regal Riverview in Sha Tin area (well, at least the name of nearest MTR station is Sha Tin).

Here’s the agenda:

  1. 22 Oct: arrived in HK in afternoon, just went around the hotel.

  2. 23 Oct: went to Macau. We ride double decker to the ferry port and it was fun! We ride Turbojet to go to Macau and the journey wasn’t fun, that’s because of the wave.

  3. 24 Oct: HK Island City Tour, alone, because my aunt (and her pathologist friends) went to seminar. I visited Victoria Peak (HK’s premier attraction, providing magnificent harbor and city views from over 500 m above the sea level); Aberdeen (home to hundreds of fisher folks who are iving on the fishing junks. I didn’t ride the sampan because it was pretty expensive, HK$ 50, and I hate small boats); Pass by Repulse Bay (stop by a local renowed jewelry factory. Of course I wasn’t interested in jewelry…also they were sooooo expensive!); and Stanley Market (Stanley Market has a reputation of offering some great buys at low prices, such as overruns of designer cloting, leather and silk clothing, porcelain, traditional Chinese souvenirs. I bought some cute floding shopping bags there)

  4. 25 Oct: My aunt went to seminar so I was still alone. I went to Ladies Market in Mongkok, riding on MTR by myself and it was fun. Fun because it was safe (no copet, no dicolek), and I wasn’t in a hurry. I bought folding shopping bags (again! Partly because my aunt and her friends were amazed by their cuteness and thought they should buy it for souvenirs, and 2 luggages. What?! Two?? Well, here’s some explanation: the handle of my Polo luggage was broke, so keeping it was stupid because I was afraid it would be totally broken when I went home and put it the baggage. So I needed to buy a new one. And I was ‘confused’ with the size: the small or the big one? And after 2 hours in Ladies Market, I decided to buy 2 sizes because I couldn’t get them outta my head :D. Then at night we went to Central area.

  5. 26 Oct: Just bought cute bucket (I left my old one and found PINK bucket I couldn’t resist, so I HAD to buy it) and waited for the shuttle bus to airport. We were arrived in Jakarta at 19.30.

So, there was my trip to HK. I was in ‘wrong-costume’ situation because the weather forecast said it would be 22-25 C so I packed something to keep my warm, and turned out the weather was just like Jakarta.

We ride mass-transportation A LOT, something we didn’t experience when we’re in Jakarta. And it was fun. We walked A LOT because the station was far away from our hotel and we didn’t know how to reach it with bus.

Overall, here’s something I can remember about HK:

  1. Love, love, love the public transportation. It’s safe. It’s fast.

  2. You’ll see lots and lots of apartment building.

  3. Probably because they live in small apartments, they don’t spend much time in home. Shopping malls are always full of people, especially those that are located in MTR stations. And it wasn’t Christmas!

  4. You’ll see old people still riding on MTR. Something I found pretty amazing.
  5. Because their government has regulation about the ban of plastic bag, you’ll see people carrying cute shopping bags, trolley, or luggage! No kidding about this. You can see lots of people dragging their luggage everywhere. In MTR. Even in malls. That’s probably because they have to walk a lot and carrying bags are tiring. And because I bought 2 luggage from Ladies Market, I had to dragged it when I walked to hotel.

  6. The girls are trendy and love makeup. Once I saw girls in shopping mall wearing fake lashes. You’ll see legs everywhere. They love shorts. Probably I would wear the same if I lived there.

  7. And the last: do they breed? I didn't see many kids there.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Hong Kong Trip, Macau 23 Oct 09

Some of my pics in Macau.

I think Macau is nothing special if you're not a gambler.

Hong Kong Trip, 23 Oct 2009, Macau

We ride the Turbojet to Macau. It isn't fun because the wave.

With my aunt, waiting for the Turbojet.

Inside the Turbojet. It was hard to smile when you were floating like that!

Hong Kong Trip, 23 Oct 2009

That's me posing while waiting for the double decker.
This is me inside the bus

We were going to Macau that day.

Trip to Hong Kong, 22 Oct 2009

I had change to visit Hong Kong @ 22-26 Oct 2006. Here are my arrival pics.
If I don't look as photogenic as I used to, just blame the less-makeup thing.
I'm not in the mood for makeup when travelling.