Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The Pad Story

Yesterday I 'socialize' the pads to female my coworker and ex boss(es). All were interested, and to my surprise, nobody complained about the price. The common question was

"will it leak?" and my answer was

"I just had 1 Fresh Moon at that time and I wore that on my lighter period. It didn't leak"

I'm not a good sales, but a good commodity will sell itself.

Anyway, at home I washed all the new pads. Living in 30 stories means less humidity, so my laundry gets dry quicker than in 'land'. Yesterday I did another laundry so I can spin-dry them. This morning I analized about their drying speed:

(it was raining yesterday)
Fresh Moon 9" was completely dry.
Fresh Moon 11" still slighly damp, probably 90% dry

Mollyliners were completely dry.

Moonbow (the most expensive pads available in Tiny Tapir) - in 7,9,11 and 13"- were still damp, probably 80% dry.

Honeybee with 'insert' were about 90% dry.

I can't make conclusion on this, but if I wanna wear the Moonbow, I can't do the way I do tho Mollyliners.

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