Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Love Moon Anion Panty Liner

I hope you don't mind if I write about................MLM product :P

It's Love Moon Anion Panty Liner.

I don't remember all the claim, but I can remember that it release anion (something good for your body); not made from recycled material (translation: the product isn't bleached); it provide dryness.

I wear it every night, not because I need it, just want to know the health benefit.

I've been wearing it for 2 nights now...all I can say that it really, really, really dry (yes, I touch the surface, hehehe). Drier than 'generic' brands you find in supermarkets. Another good thing is: no nasty smell.

If you wear pantyliner/sanitary napkins and think you smell bad, that's not you. That's the product. You won't experience it with cloth pad or Anion Panty Liner.

OK, those are the pros. How about the cons? For me, the disposable part is the worst one. And not using recycled material, along with the anion releasing system, adds the cost. Translation = super-expensive.

But my dear, if you can't do something good to environment, at least you do something good to your body.....

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