Friday, November 6, 2009

Traveling Tips From A Traveling-Hater

Oh, I hate traveling. I really hate it. Partly because I have insomnia :(

Anyway, you do sometimes have to travel. Either it's bussiness, or simply because someone pay for your trip :D

Here's what I bring when I'm traveling:

Mine is Elizabeth (made in Indonesia). This is where I keep my ticket/passport, important medication (paracetamol and Diatabs, hehehe), lipbalm, pocket tissue, wallet, cell phone, ballpoint, hand sanitizer (in mini size) and small folding hair comb.

Traveling isn't time for cute backpacks, so I bring my green Delsey. It's where I put anything that can't be stored in my luggage or something I want to use later in flight. I put my sweater coat (I'm a hot person. I mean, I can't stand the cold), personal medication (won't put them in baggage), a hat (something to keep my head warm during flight), cell phone charger and 1 pair of clean underwear.

I always afraid that the luggage would lost somewhere, or something bad happen such as bad weather and stranded in airport for hours with low battery and dirty underwear :D

Always travel with wheels! Carrying regular travel bags would be exhausting.

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