Friday, November 13, 2009

My Makeup Storage

I stop buying makeup (unless I finished something) because the storage is limited, they take forever to finish, they'll expired.

Guess I'm no longer a makeup freak :)

But I do have a system to store them, of course. Inspired by Paris B, I took picture of my makeup. This is it. The plastic drawer contains my makeup bases; cool tone eyeshadow and blush; warm tone eyeshadow and blush. I don't have many regular size lipsticks, I have Oriflame testers that fit easily in plastic bag inside that drawer.
And this is for liquid foundations and pencils: eye pencils, mascaras, and lip pencils.

I realize I don't wear lip liner much, so I stop purchasing them. Same thing with lip gloss. And colorful eyeliner.
(And if I buy them, it'd be the cheap ones, hehehehe)

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