Thursday, November 26, 2009


I don't and I can't sew. But I have to admit that I love to sew, probably it's a lil heritage from my mom. I realized this when I tore old towel into 4 pieces and sew the edges, I enjoyed that.

Years ago, when our cats weren't as many as we have now, my mother loved to sew. She made me handycrafts when I was a kid. She made me skirts, dresses --too bad my reversed-triangle shaped body can't fit well in Femina patterns so they're no longer wearable-- and I still have the skirts.

The curiosity about cloth pad leads me to many things: there's a site dedicated to pad reviews (Cloth Pad Reviews) and turn out you can make your own pads (just google 'cloth pad pattern' and you'll fine many many sites).

To be honest, I'm interested making my own pads....if only the fabrics were available here!!!
So right now, I'm happy enough to order from Tiny Tapir, hehehee...

But in my opinion, you can make your own panty liners using 4 layer of flannel. Adahy offers a very good pattern and tips. She also has many pattern for menstrual pads, but I think it's hard to find hemp, bamboo, microfleece or PUL in Jakarta. Whistle pea also has easy pattern.

Please inform me if you already made your own pads :)

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