Sunday, August 23, 2015

White Water Rafting with "Bali Adventures" (written by someone who's not into outdoor activities)

Last Saturday (August 22nd) I went to Ayung River to do something I never thought I'd done: outdoor activity!
Usually I'm so vain, afraid of the Sun, but not this time. This year I want to do something different.

Actually it was my mom's idea when she knew I'd be in Bali and didn't have anything in my mind. "You should do rafting" and I, without hesitation, nodded.

My aunt recommended Bali Adventure (a company). They offer transportation from your hotel to the site, but I had my own (rental) car. So we went at 7.30 and got there at 9 (around 1.5 hour from Nusa Dua to Ayung River).
The reason I had my own car because I didn't want any package they had: riding bicycle and went to elephant park. I just wanted the rafting then went to Ubud to buy some natural skincare.

I'm no expert in travel-blogging, but probably it will useful for you because I'm not an expert. After some browsing, I got some preparation:
  1. I wore swim suit (well, not that Sports Illustrated kind ones, but the one with sleeves. Technically it's a wet suit) and shorts, the one I bought in Bali years years ago. 
  2. Don't expect to be dry. I saw some participant wearing raincoat. Trust me, it won't work. I was wet from the waist down. 
  3. Because it won't work, you need to have clean clothes (and underwear). 
  4. A mountain sandal..Of course you can use your sneaker, but it will get wet (IT WILL) and a flip flop can get lost in the water so you need something with ankle strap. Don't be barefoot-ed either, We had a time when the current was too hard to handle (for us non-pro), we had to walk in steep and moist cement/concrete.
  5. Sunblock  (optional, but a must for a vain person like me). 
  6. I didn't get my face wet, but I wore waterproof eyeliner (The Body Shop gel liner). 
  7. I don't recommend wearing bikini or shirtless for men, because I don't want to have direct-contact with the vest. 
  8. and for glasses wearer like me, I bought contact lens and a 'glasses sport strap' and ended up wearing the strap (didn't use the lens). If you don't have one, they'll provide it for you, using cheap rubber band. 
I wore a wet suit and shorts

this is my mountain sandal

Bali Adventure provided:
  1. Transport to hotel (I didn't use that)
  2. Rafting guide.
  3. Safety helmet and vest, also a dry bag. I didn't use their car, but probably you'd be in the finish point first and put your dry and clean clothes (and shoes) inside a locker before you headed to the start point. 
  4. For wallet and cell phones, they'll provide a dry bag that you can carry during the trip. You had time to take pictures in one waterfall. 
  5. Locker, clean towel, shower gel. I brought my own body lotion and sacheted shampoo and conditioner. 
  6. Lunch at the finish point. 
It cost me IDR 550K, but probably it would be cheaper if you're in a group of 4 or 6. 

And last but not least, this is what I didn't read in the internet. PREPARE FOR TIRED FEET!!!

I exercise regularly, so the rafting itself was not too tiring for the need to climb up and down the stairs....

It had SIX HUNDRED steps down to the river and almost FOUR HUNDRED steps up to the main street!!!

I wish I knew that! I took the stair machine the day before! What a stupid mistake!!
So here I am, with super-sore calf...Then I found out that climbing down the stair was more hurtful than climbing up. 
I don't think people that are not gym freak could walk after that...

While I'm not adventurer and outdoor loving, if I have the chance, I'd do rafting again, this time in more challenging river and resting my feet the day before!