Sunday, September 13, 2015

Bon Jovi Live in Concert Jakarta, Sept 11, 2015

When we first heard that Bon Jovi would go to Indonesia, I made arrangement with some high school friends to watch the concert. We bought the Festival Left. Not cheap. It was 1.5 million Rupiah after tax. 
Then, finally. The day comes. I go early from office and heading to Gelora Bung Karno Stadium. 
Selfie while waiting for my friends

I don't think she wants her face in this blog :)

I'm not going to write details about the concert event itself, but I want to comment about their performance:
  1. Jon already can't sing high notes. He makes us, the audience to sing all the high notes. Or he improvise with acoustic guitar and sings lower notes. Well, he's 53. I understand that. 
  2. I'm pretty disappointed because he doesn't interact much with us, other than 'hello how are you'. I expect more for a frontman who sings for 30 years. Sam Tsui (the opening act) is better in this department. 
  3. The song lists are very disappointing. Most of us are 90s teenager, we don't know their newer album. I know Have A Nice Day but can't recall the lyrics. I don't make scientific statistics, but I think it's 50:50 of newer and old songs. Check Youtube. Have a Nice Day 'only' had 30 million hits. Not a HITS for his standard, IMO.   
  4. because he doesn't talk much, the concert only last for 2 hours. Oh my. I was expecting 2.5 hours duration.
Well, that's all I can say. I'm still happy because I have the opportunity to be in the front. 

I can see him clearly! One and a half million is not for nothing :)