Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Clarisonic Brush

Last year, my friend Wina generously gave me a Clarisonic, a skincare gadget.
I never had a change to write a descent review about this thing because my skin is VERY fluctuating. Here's the example: 
I have superflawless skin during and couple months after chemotherapy. 
I know it sounds very bad, but i miss what chemo did to my skin. It was glowing. No oil. No dryness. Just perfection. Also I had microdermabrasion on June 2011 so the skin was very very very beautiful. There were times when all I needed was under-eye concealer and loose powder. Seriously.

Then...after 6 months...hormone eruption. That's my own terminology, not the doctor's FYI. I had breakouts allover my chest. My back. My forehead. Cheekbones. I'm just glad that I had no zits on my cheeks, otherwise it would be disaster (because it's easy to get scar on thin areas like cheek). At that time I use Clarisonic twice a day and bathed with antiacne soap...and it didn't help much. 

I still had zits. 

Right now I'm using the brush once a day, at night. Wait until my skin in normal condition again, I'll write a descent review about it.

20 Juni 2012
If you look carefully, you can see zit allover my forehead. and FYI, I wore foundation and loose powder for this picture. 

Recent Activities


Earlier this month, I (and the rest of student of PSIL UI) went to Jatiluhur Dam in West Java. I hate traveling so I can't say much about the trip, but I was lucky my body was cooperating very excessive headache.
Pekan Lingkungan Indonesia 2012

Another activity was Pekan Lingkungan Indonesia (Indonesia Environment Week) held by my office, 14-17 July 2012. This is me on first day.
Mr. Budiono

I also had a change to take picture of our vice president.
Pekan Lingkungan 2012

Once again, unflattering picture of mine. It's hard to look good in photograph with greasy face, short hair and 5 kg weight gain :)

Friday, June 8, 2012

Jangan Cepat Tersinggung

Gue bukan orang yang penyabar atau lemah lembut. Sekarang udah jarang sumpah serapah, namun dalam hati sih masih, hehehe.. Sejak sakit gue jadi lebih sering tersinggung, terutama jika menyangkut penampilan..

Tapi gue berusaha tidak terlalu sensi, berpikir positif 'They're just trying to be nice" atau mereka tidak tahu kondisi gue...dan kalaupun tersinggung gue jawab singkat terus pergi.

Ada hal2 yang tampaknya simpel buat orang lain, tp entah kenapa gue tersinggung (dan berusaha gue tahan)...ini contoh2nya dan jawaban sebenarnya (dalam hati):

Mbak rambut baru nih?
Kampr** loe, bulan Januari gue masih botak!

Dan kalau mereka masi nanya kenapa gue botak padahal udah temenan lama di FB, males gue jawab. Ohya, pengecualian buat temen main game.

Segeran ya mbak? => maksudnya: gendutan?
Berat gue naik 5 kg gak bisa turun, bangs**!!!

Tapi (rambut gini) cantik kok...
I know I look good, I never said I look bad. I just want my long hair back.
and by the way, my hair is curlier than before FYI.

Semangat ya Ra..
Hey, do I look like I'm gonna die tomorrow???!!!!
=> hopefully no.

So please, if you're my friend and really care about me and reading this blog, please don't comment on how good I look with this hair...or my new 'freshness'.
Also I'm thinking about disable-in all comments in my picture.

Monday, April 23, 2012

How Do I Look?

I hope I look good. I just don't care about any comments. My hair finally grows out, I dyed it with cheap hair dye. I'm happy about it. I think I look cute (??) I unveiled my head-cover in April, tried not to reply any comment sarcasticly.

 This is what I look now. Short hair, 5 kg weight gain... ..something I really hate because there's nothing I can do about it.

 I try protein shakes for dinner. I try vegetables at night. Didn't work. Still have 5 kg to lose.

 I still can't exercise because I got tired ALL the time. Go ahead, make comments "do yoga". Unless you've had chemotherapy before, I wouldn't listen to that. I also wouldn't listen to 'you should take this zzz-herbs pills". I'm just tired hearing things.

 And lately I feel like I just had chemo. Sore throat, light fever, bad coordination. But I don't mention it anymore because people would think I'm just lazy.

 Oh my, I just want to get rid of that 5 kg!!!