Thursday, April 29, 2010

Ibu Panjat yang Galak

Kucing gue yang paling menyebalkan, Panjat, melahirkan 3 bayi. Yang satu mati.
Melahirkannya di garasi, bikin bapak gue heboh.
He hates cats..

Entah gimana Panjat bisa menemukan jalan masuk ke garasi. Hebat ya??

Akhirnya anaknya dipindah ke Ruang Kucing. Untung dia mau. Ditaro di atas meja putih. Yang paling heboh adalah ketika dia menyusui, semua temen2nya dimarahin kalau naik ke meja!!! Jadinya berisik :(

Anyway, dia ibu yang baik. Anaknya bersih2...dan gendut2..

PS: sori motonya gak jelas. Maklum pake kamera HP.

Me vs Moonbow...and Cosmetic Hype

Don't get me wrong. Moonbow pad isn't bad product.

Moonbow received many, many, many good reviews, I guess I'm just an anomaly :(

For me, it's just a matter of taste.

Most people don't mind having stain in their pads, but I do.

Probably others wash their Moonbow with front-loading machine (so they can use heat etc) so it dries quicker..but I handwash and sunning it, it takes ages to dry. => which isn't a problem anymore since I have plenty of pads now.

Then most people don't have holes in their Moonbow :(
(this is just a bad luck. One in a million case. I won't say ALL Moonbow pads have bad quality)

Same thing applies to cosmetics reviews. There's hype about Maybelline Great Lash mascara...and I don't like it.

Same hype with (old version of) Revlon Colorstay Foundation in Allure magazine and I hate that foundation.

Allure's Breakthrough beauty about 5 years ago? Estee Lauder So Ingenious Foundation? That's a bad least for me. Totally hard to blend, didn't stay long. Not to mention expensive.

While coverage (light, medium, full) and staying power is about personal preference, humidity and one person's skin, I think texture is universal. That's why I don't understand why I'm different than others.

But I'm not immune to hype. I really, really, really love Diorshow Mascara. It's the price that stopping me from buying it over and over again.

Once again, it's just a matter of taste.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Friday, April 23, 2010

Wasabi Mommi

I've tried my Wasabi Mommi pads.

It comes in a set, contain 3 pads: 1 pantyliner; 1 day pad; 1 night pad.

(I forgot the length of each pad. I'll edit later)

Cost: USD 15 a set (excluded shipping and tax)

All have fleece-backing for waterproofing. All very thin. Seriously. Probably just slightly thicker than ultrathin (disposable) pads. And relatively easy to clean. Dry fast. My pads are dark colored, they have no stain.

the pantyliner is very very small, about 5"(?). While it looks very adorable and cute, to be honest, it's not too comfortable to wear. I don't know how to say this right, but the stitches just doesn't fall in the right places....
Edited: it depends on underwear I wear

Day pad:
I love the fan-design, so the flow won't go to the sides. I just won't wear it for heavy days, it's not long enough.

Night pad:
Wow, I love this. Thin but (relatively) stays in place --or probably now I'm used with cloth, I'm more careful when taking off my undies hahahha--.

So here's the conclusion.
- no leak
- very thin.
- easy to clean
- dark color won't stain
- stays in place well (no flipping)
- relatively affordable

- pantyliner is not too comfortable
- day pad is not suitable for heavy days.

Me VS Moonbow

Edited 29 April: this is what I got from the seller:
'it might be from weak spots in the wool, it happens in about 0.1% of the pads she has sent out, and I guess cannot be helped' and she offers me a new pad.

I guess we're not meant to be together. You can read my review here.

First, I don't like they way the stain. Second, they take forever to dry after I wash them. And the third, the worst part, the wool backing of my Regular pad is already damaged.

I took the picture using my Motozine, sorry for the quality..but you still can see the holes, right? I used Paint to draw circles near the holes.


It has holes in the wool backing. Yes, holes. If it were a heavy day, it would leak.

I discover this when I squeeze the water excess after cleaning it, and I see holes.

And FYI:
- I treat it the same with my other pads: handwash, overnight soak.
- I keep it inside a large toiletries bag. If it's a moth doing the thing, then my other pads would have holes too.

Luckily, it only happens on my regular pad. The large and XL pad are still in good condition.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Hari Minggu kemarin gue habiskan dengan menjahit. Eh nggak 100% menjahit denk. Ada bagian gue nyuci piring...beres2 kamar..repot sendiri gak jelas...dan mandiin Bodas :D

Udah lama jahitan gue gak kelar2. Bbrp minggu kemarin benar2 hectic, dalam artian gue gak ada waktu (dan space) untuk menjahit.

Mau tau apa yang lagi gue bikin?
Gue lagi bikin Peyek Bag..alias tas yang muat buat kardus peyek (ukurannya custom), hahaha.

Ibu gue mengukur kardus peyek, lalu ngajarin cara menghitung kainnya.

Jadi yang gue bikin adalah 'alas' dan 'dinding'nya. Jadi bukan satu alas dan 4 dinding, melainkan alas dan dinding yang nyambung.

Gue adalah orang yang logis dan kepengen semua simetris, jadi gue garis2 semuanya. Garis lipetan. Garis yang harus gue jahit.

Tentu semua bubar karena gue belum bisa menjahit lurus, hahahhaha.

Lalu pertama gagal karena gue tidak menjahit di garis yang udah gue bikin, jadi 'dinding'nya gak nyambung, hahaha...bongkar lah!!

jadi gue disiplin dengan garis yang gue bikin dan nyambung juga.

Kemudian gue punya ide, bagian atasnya gue kasih 'lis' batik (emang spesial gue beli buat aplikasi, tali tas, etc). Lalu ibu gue...

"De', kalau kamu mau bikin lis, harusnya dibikin dari awal.."


jangan sok pinter kalau baru belajar. Tanya sama yang udah ahli karena menjahit ada trik2nya. Bikin tas yang simple sekalipun perlu 'konsep' alias pola.

Gue bilang gue habiskan dengan menjahit karena gue mulai jam 11-an..lalu bapak gue nonton F1, gue masih menjahit. F1-nya kelar, jahitan gue belum kelar. Sampe akhirnya gue berhenti karena jarum yang udah tumpul membuat gue gak bisa menjahit tali tas...dan gue lanjutkan dengan jahit tangan.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

New Pads

Here they are..Fuzzibunz pads..

Red combo: liner (6") + day pad (8") + night pad (10")

Blue and red liners (6")

Blue and red liners (6") with green day pad (8")

Green combo set: liner + day pad + night pad (6,8,10")

As usual, I take the Combo and sell the rest.

(kalau gak laku??? Pake aja semua. Lucu kok. bahannya kayaknya lembut banget)

Monday, April 12, 2010

Cat News

Berita singkat ttg anak2 di rumah:

Opi sekarang udah manjaan. Kemarin2 dia kan cuma main2 sendiri di pohon(atau nyari korban anak kecil) , sekarang udah berani dekat2.. 'makan' kaki gue :D

Lalu kemarin gue bertugas bersihin kandang karena si mbak lagi off, kepala gue ditowel2 Mitu dan serok gue ditabrak Opi. Ampun.

Terus seekor ibu yang punya dua anak? Ibunya melarikan diri, anaknya ditinggal dan kemudian mati. Emang susah miara kitten yang gak punya ibu, gampang banget sakit kalau gak minum ASI.

Berita lainnya adalah lagi ada 4 ibu lahiran: Fla (3); Panjat (2); Ici (4) dan Pram (2).

Sedikit update ttg anak2 kesayangan: Ganteng tetap lucu (plus nakal. Dia punya ilmu baru: mlorotin clana pendek hehehee) dan Bodas budukan tapi gendut dan tampaknya sehat. Oya dia tinggal sendiri semenjak sodaranya (Koneng) mati.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Uji Emisi

Kantor gue mengadakan uji emisi 7-9 April 2010.

Gue tidak begitu berminat mengikutinya, terutama karena parkiran penuh dan kalau gue uji kelarnya gue gak dapet parkir. Lalu gue mendengar pengumuman yang intinya

"yang gak punya stiker lulus gak boleh parkir di sini!"


Langsung gue tinggalkan kerjaan gue dan lari ke mobil, hihihi..

Ohya, kemarin gue bawa 960 wagon.

Gagal di uji pertama, CO-nya kegedean. Lalu distel (di situ juga) dan lulus.

SW lagi distel


Berhubung mobil gue (alhamdulillah) lebih dari satu dan kadang gantian makenya, gak lucu kalau S90 Executive gak punya stiker dan gue harus parkir di luar.

Jadi gue bela2in pulang ke Cibubur ngambil Exe kemarin, hahaha..

Alhamdulillah Exe lulus dengan sukses, gak perlu setel2..

Wednesday, April 7, 2010


Kemarin gue terkikik2 membaca status temen gue di FB:

kalo kerja tapi temennya gak nambah2, berarti GAK GAUL... kalo kerja tapi tabungannya gak nambah2, berarti GAK G*YUS...


Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Sew Green For You

I have the set of 2 pads in different color.

The set is for 9.5" menstrual pad and 6" pantyliner.
The 9.5" menstrual pad is made of 5 layers of flannel; the 6" pantyliner is from 3 layers of flannel. Both with PUL.

You know what's interesting? The set only cost me US$ 5 in
(shipping and tax aren't included).

It was no custom order so I had no 'convo' (conversation) with the seller. Shipping was fast, well.. relatively for international order.

I have the confident to wear the 9" pad in my heaviest day because it has PUL underneath. I only washed it 1 time before using the pad, and the flow went to wings (as usual!).

And no, it doesn't leak.

Then I wash it. Compared with other pads I wear that day, SGFY pad is the easiest one to clean. Dry fast.

And no stain!!!

The only thing I 'hate' about the pad's pretty thick. But the thickness made the pads stays in place (no flip when I take off my undies).

Pros: affordable; no leak; easy to clean; dry fast
Cons: pretty thick

Conclusion: this is THE BEST pad if you're new to cloth. Affordable and no leak. Perfect.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Selamat Jalan Mbah...

Tanggal 31 Maret lalu Mbah (Ny Suharti Idris Siregar) meninggal dalam usia 89 tahun.
Semoga ini yang terbaik, mengingat kondisi Mbah sudah menurun dalam bbrp tahun terakhir ini, bolak balik masuk RS, kasian..

Ini foto mbah di ulang tahun ke 89 tahun lalu.

Selamat jalan Mbah, semoga Allah menerima semua amal ibadah Mbah.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Endless Flu

Wow..sudah sekian hari dan suara gue masih rusak!!!

Hidup flu!!!