Friday, April 23, 2010

Me VS Moonbow

Edited 29 April: this is what I got from the seller:
'it might be from weak spots in the wool, it happens in about 0.1% of the pads she has sent out, and I guess cannot be helped' and she offers me a new pad.

I guess we're not meant to be together. You can read my review here.

First, I don't like they way the stain. Second, they take forever to dry after I wash them. And the third, the worst part, the wool backing of my Regular pad is already damaged.

I took the picture using my Motozine, sorry for the quality..but you still can see the holes, right? I used Paint to draw circles near the holes.


It has holes in the wool backing. Yes, holes. If it were a heavy day, it would leak.

I discover this when I squeeze the water excess after cleaning it, and I see holes.

And FYI:
- I treat it the same with my other pads: handwash, overnight soak.
- I keep it inside a large toiletries bag. If it's a moth doing the thing, then my other pads would have holes too.

Luckily, it only happens on my regular pad. The large and XL pad are still in good condition.

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