Friday, April 23, 2010

Wasabi Mommi

I've tried my Wasabi Mommi pads.

It comes in a set, contain 3 pads: 1 pantyliner; 1 day pad; 1 night pad.

(I forgot the length of each pad. I'll edit later)

Cost: USD 15 a set (excluded shipping and tax)

All have fleece-backing for waterproofing. All very thin. Seriously. Probably just slightly thicker than ultrathin (disposable) pads. And relatively easy to clean. Dry fast. My pads are dark colored, they have no stain.

the pantyliner is very very small, about 5"(?). While it looks very adorable and cute, to be honest, it's not too comfortable to wear. I don't know how to say this right, but the stitches just doesn't fall in the right places....
Edited: it depends on underwear I wear

Day pad:
I love the fan-design, so the flow won't go to the sides. I just won't wear it for heavy days, it's not long enough.

Night pad:
Wow, I love this. Thin but (relatively) stays in place --or probably now I'm used with cloth, I'm more careful when taking off my undies hahahha--.

So here's the conclusion.
- no leak
- very thin.
- easy to clean
- dark color won't stain
- stays in place well (no flipping)
- relatively affordable

- pantyliner is not too comfortable
- day pad is not suitable for heavy days.

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