Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Sew Green For You

I have the set of 2 pads in different color.

The set is for 9.5" menstrual pad and 6" pantyliner.
The 9.5" menstrual pad is made of 5 layers of flannel; the 6" pantyliner is from 3 layers of flannel. Both with PUL.

You know what's interesting? The set only cost me US$ 5 in Etsy.com
(shipping and tax aren't included).

It was no custom order so I had no 'convo' (conversation) with the seller. Shipping was fast, well.. relatively for international order.

I have the confident to wear the 9" pad in my heaviest day because it has PUL underneath. I only washed it 1 time before using the pad, and the flow went to wings (as usual!).

And no, it doesn't leak.

Then I wash it. Compared with other pads I wear that day, SGFY pad is the easiest one to clean. Dry fast.

And no stain!!!

The only thing I 'hate' about the pad is...it's pretty thick. But the thickness made the pads stays in place (no flip when I take off my undies).

Pros: affordable; no leak; easy to clean; dry fast
Cons: pretty thick

Conclusion: this is THE BEST pad if you're new to cloth. Affordable and no leak. Perfect.

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