Monday, September 15, 2014

Manila Trip

While I don't like travelling, I won't complain during business trip to Manila. First of all, it was located in five stars hotel

We arrived early (at 6AM local time) and I did early check in because I couldn't sleep on the plane. I won't reveal what I did there, there would be boring, but here's some activities I did:

The meeting ended at around 17 so we had plenty of time to go to malls. And EDSA Shangri-La is located NEXT to two malls (Shangri-La Plaza and new Mega Mall). I went to Plaza everyday for dinner and practically got nothing to buy. Here's some view of my  room.

Here's some pool side view

I visited an industrial park. It was exciting to see a WWTP again!

We got chance to visit Fort Santiago. Too bad it was raining, I didn't had chance to take many pictures.

The food was amazing, I mean, cakes and pastries are my weakness
A reason why I hit the gym TWICE a day

 This is what we found on the way to the airport (on last day)
it's like 'ojeg' in Jakarta, but it can carry up to SIX passengers!!

As a beauty junky, I made time to visit the supermarket, drugstores and bought something that's not available in Jakarta
Posing near the scale in Ninoy Aquino Airport
Glutathione is a hit there, I guess
I splurged on Chanel Mat Lumiere Powder (from Duty Free) 
Cetaphil and two glittery nail polish by Revlon 

Here's the Revlon nail polish in Scandalous

Mini Maybelline powder! Cute huh?!
Revlon nail polish in Sun Candy 

Mini Rexona for Men
This was the first day of meeting:

I didn't expect this traditional Philippines top, otherwise I'd wear something with no pattern
 Aha! Ms. Indira Siregar
My name!