Sunday, January 31, 2010

Epicerma Pads

There are starter pack from Epicerma.

I purchased them from Etsy.

Cute, isn't?

(just got them today, haven't tried them. Will show them to my friends first!)

Friday, January 29, 2010

And the Money Goes To...

These are the result of conpulsive shopping :)

Aren't they cute?

Thursday, January 28, 2010

and the money goes to....

This morning I checked on my weekend-bag (small travel bag or tote, the ones I bring to Cibubur) and realized that I had tons of cute small bag...


Then the mystery solved.

Those were things that left me broke with no savings.

Last year I was so into cute small bag or folding bag...while those weren't too expensive, I just couldn't stop buying them!

So now I avoid those 'sinful' place: Cindy (in Plaza Cibubur) and Warna (in Cibubur Junction).

I'm saving for cloth pads now!!!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Un-wise Guy

Gee....I spent much on unimportant things last year I almost have no savings now!!!

I realize this when I run out of MAC Fluidline (eyeliner) and Diorshow Iconic Mascara.... and I can't afford them :P

Luckily, thanks to stupid shopping habit in the past, I still have my MAC Powerpoint eyeliner, a pencil eyeliner. And for mascara, once I finish my Borjouis mascara, there'll be no mascara left :D

And guess what? I'm browsing on Etsy now. Looking for cloth pantyliner! Hahaha...

Can I afford them? I don't know. Let's see.

Meriang Gembira

Dari hari Senin gue meriang tiap sore. Ugh, gak nge-gym deh :(

Menyebalkan sekali. Sakitnya gak sakit2 amat, tp gak kuat kalau nge-gym.

Dan tadi pagi gue bangun dengan agak pilek :(

Padahal udah minum segala suplemen lho

Monday, January 25, 2010

Disposable Experience

I spent my last days of period when I was away from home.

I'm not a heavy bleeder, so I didn't pack many (disposable) Love Moon Anion sanitary napkins.

Turned out I was still bleeding, while it wasn't much, a pantyliner wasn't enough.


...and I ran outta pads.

I really, really regret didn't bring my Mollyliners!!!

So I asked a coworker, so handed my Ch*rmed. A regular disposable sanitary napkins.

You know something?!

I'm no longer used with (regular) sanitary napkins, the smell of damp pads were offensive to my standard :D

Yeah, next time I wouldn't forget a stash of Lovemoon!!!

Thursday, January 21, 2010


Setelah kami 'vonis' bakal-meninggal, akhirnya minggu lalu Neri meninggal juga...

Kami gak tau dia sakit apa (dan pastinya USG dll akan sangat mahal), entah kanker entah gagal ginjal, atau lainnya, dia tampak sangat, sangat, sangat kurus.

Hampir gue suntik mati sampai beberapa bulan lalu dia makan sangat lahap.
(kalau kucing masih mau makan, berarti dia masih pengen hidup)

Sehabis itu, tiap dia minta pasti gue kasih. Kan mau meninggal, kasihan...kalau sore dia sering duduk di deket gue, berharap Whiskas, hehehe. Dan tentu gue kasih :D

Jarak antara 'vonis hampir meninggal' dengan minggu lalu mungkin hampir setahun.

Akhirnya kamu meninggal juga, cepat pula...

Foto terakhir Neri --bareng Cici-- bisa dilihat di sini:

Cisarua Trip

Last Monday I went to Taman Safari Cisarua for one night business trip. I'm not gonna talk about the job, that would be boring (because I'm bored too, hehehe), but I'm gonna tell you about the weather.

I can't stand cold.

I wear jacket/blazer/light sweater coat even at office. Not to mention that my desk is bellow the A/C, so I wear hat.
(I know, that's creepy)

And there I was, freezing in Cisarua.

I wore thick sweater, but it wasn't enough. Then I layered it with light sweater coat. Don't forget the knitted hat.

I wish I brought gloves!!!!!

I was so amazed that some of my coworkers didn't wear anything besides their regular shirt.

The funny fact was I smoked a lot and didn't get any sore throat!!!
While it was freezing, probably the air was still pollution.

(And I have sore throat now back in polluted-Jakarta, hehehe)

Thursday, January 14, 2010

One Cold and Windy Night

Seperti inilah pemandangan di Ruang Kucing ketika malam sedang sangat, sangat dingin

Sisi kanan

Sisi kiri

S90 Executve

This is the Executve (without 'i')

You know something? My mother didn't realize we ride on the Exe on Jan 1st to Bogor. She thought it was the black 960 Royal. The Exe has beige interior (while Royal has black) and the passanger seat are more spacious.

And she even didn't realize when 2 black cars parked in her yard, hahaha

Silly Things They Do..

Neri, Cici, dan kitten-nya Pramini bobo dalam satu box. Kayak gak ada tempat lain aja ya?!

Suntik Flu

Berhubung gue sering flu, jadi kemarin gue disuntik (vaksin) flu.

Suntiknya sendiri gak gitu sakit.
Malem baru kerasa lengan agak pegal, tapi gak gitu parah karena gue masih bisa tidur.

Dan rasanya sekarang, di tempat yang disuntik, kalau ditekan sakitnya kaya lebam gitu.

Not bad lah.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Sakit kok Kenceng??

Ini cerita minggu lalu.
Rabu minggu lalu gue gak enak badan, mungkin radang tenggorokan. Tumben2nya gue pulang jam 4 kurang.

Gue pulang ke apartemen, lalu langsung tiduran.

Anyway, ketika masih di jalan kira2 lewat flyover Saharjo, gue dapet SMS. Dari bokap:

"Kamu barusan lewat? Papa lagi sama taksi, dari arah berlawanan."

Gue reply ketika lagi mau muter balik deket Ambas:
"Iya, gak enak badan, pulang cepetan"

FYI, gue gak gitu liat kanan kiri ketika nyupir...cuman sebatas perimeter sendiri aja, gak clingak clinguk ke jalur sebelah.

Dan pas weekend, bokap gue nanya "Kamu sakit apa hari itu?" gue jawab 'palingan flu' lalu bokap menanggapi
"Sakit kok nyupirnya masih kenceng gitu..."



Tampaknya di rumah lagi ada wabah...Setelah Ditu meninggal, pas gue berangkat kerja Aci sudah lemah...Distemper?? :(

Korban pertama adalah MM. Tiba2 dia sakit, muntah dan mulutnya item :(

Gue seneng sama Aci. Dia lucu. Manja. Anaknya Bubun, tapi kelakuannya gak kayak ibunya. I love you Aci.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Hit by Executve

Last week I had photo session with the S90 Executve (without 'i') when we realized Ganteng was sleeping near the car. So we decided to do a little act :)

Ganteng in front of the car..

Ganteng didn't realize the danger!!!

Oh NOOO!!! Executve hit Ganteng!!!

Relax, it was just for fun! Ganteng was so sleepy he didn't realize we played with him.

This is the whole cast:
Me, the cute actor --finally he awake--..and cute extra: Mitu

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Revlon Colorstay Mineral Foundation

The claim:
Loose powder foundation that combines pure, lightweight minerals that are good for your skin and ColorStay™ longwear technology that lasts for up to 16 hours. This medium coverage foundation provides a color that won't fade all day making your skin look both healthy and flawless, no matter how long your day is.

In my skin:
Gee...16 hours?? I don't think it stays on my skin for more than 2 hours???! Even without 'wudhu', this thing fades away. With makeup primer (right now I use Oriflame).

But that's OK. I just touch up my face during the day. And I love the coverage: sheer to medium, depends on your hand :)

I don't remember the price, but it's not expensive

Bocor..part II

Pagi tadi ketika sedang asik main game --sembari nunggu rendaman cucian-- gue mendengar suara kletak kletok..

Langsung lah gue nyari sumber suara. Ternyata di dapur.

Inilah resiko tinggal di apartemen. Tetangga atas gue 'kebanjiran' lagi dan gue kena imbasnya. Langsung gue panggil engineering minta dia datang, lalu engineering ke lantai atas gue.

Katanya mesin cucinya rusak.

Oh sh*t, do I give a damn about that???

Crown Royal Saloon vs Volvo

Mosok sih mobil 1,3 M dikalahin ama Volvo? Hehehe
FYI: RI 37 itu big boss gue :)

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

The Body Shop Seaweed

I purchase this Seaweed Purifying Facial Cleanser because I have normal-oily skin...and because I love the concept that TBS accept empty bottles!! Here's what I got from the site:

A mild oil-free and soap-free milky cleansing lotion. Effectively removes make-up, impurities and daily grime,without drying the skin. Leaves the skin feeling cleansed, soft and supple with a shine-free, matte finish.

I have nothing to review on the texture. It's just...well...standard. Just like any other milk cleanser. It smells like Viva Milk Cleanser actually :P

Price: IDR 99,000

Also I purchased Seaweed Deep Cleansing Facial Wash because I feel that using a milky cleanser only is not enough to clean my skin. It's a mild oil-free and soap-free foaming cleansing gel. Effectively deep cleanses to clear open pores and rinse away excess oils, make-up, impurities and daily grime. Leaves the skin feeling cleansed, purified and refreshed with a shine-free, matte finish according to the site.

I don't like the thin consistency of this one. Too thin. Almost like water, I think they should call it Facial Water (hehehe) and it should come with a pump packaging.

Price: IDR 89,000

So? Are these good products?
I use my regular facial toner to make the comparison (a blue Garnier) . They really make my skin very clean, no dirt left on the facial cotton. But the claim of leaving the skin feeling cleansed, soft and supple with a shine-free, matte finish is not achived :)

Along with those cleanser, I also purchased Deep Pore Cleansing Pads. What the hell is this?

For me, it's just very cute adorable 4 tiny towels :)
For the site, it's a pack of four reusable polyester and cotton cleansing pads as soft as cotton wool but stronger for deep pore cleansing. Used with a facial wash or cleanser, each pad will help draw out impurities and gently remove dead skin cells.

I dampen one towel to remove the Purifying Facial Cleanser. I even put the Facial Wash on it, using it like a cloth wipes.
it would save soap...and water when it's time to clean the cloth!

Price: IDR 49,000

A Reply

I put picture of my Moonbow in this blog, 'complaining' about the small hole, so I think I should post the reply from the seller:

"The small pin pricks you see are actually where we used to attach the price tags for the product before. Because it's on the wing, it should not affect product absorbency or effectiveness at all. We do not do this anymore as we now display things in resealable bags that get reused in our shop instead as it is better for hanging for display"

They also offer me some credit for my next order.

I really appreciate that. Thanks a lot for the response :)

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Still Searching for The One....

Photo of Cyclez by WAHMarama

I'm talking about cloth pad!!!

I posted in Tinytapir FB wall about holes in my Moonbow(s). She asked me to email the picture of the hole and I did it. I also put a link to my review about Moonbow and Freshmoon.

She replied, said she can't open the pic :(
But she did read my review and said I should try Cyclez. Here's her email:
Thanks for the links to your reviews. It's true, the moonbows and fresh moon will become much more absorbent the more you use it. Please note for the moonbow, because the water resistent layer is wool (more breathable and natural), it may still show a stain coming through on a heavy day, but it should not leak onto your panty unless you've really left it a long long time.

I would actually recommend you try the Cyclez pad, i think you will like it better than the natural fabrics as your primary concern is absorbency, no leaking through the wings and very easy to clean. The cyclez pad is much more absorbent than the moonbows and fresh moon, you definitely will not get a leak from it as it uses a PUL backing and it will not flip up when you pull down your underwear (due to the wide wing design, it's not like the moonbow). Also, as it is all man made fiber, it's super easy to clean - just soak it for about 6 hours and the blood washes straight out.

Thanks for the advice! I'll order it next time...
...when I have the budget :P

Extra Carry-on

This is what I bring everyday to office. One towel, 1 plastic bag and some pads (above)
I also bring a lunch box, it's a Tupperware.
Sorry, I forgot to rotate the pic!
Together, they look like this.

While it's true that I do more effort to bring this everyday, actually I could just leave the Tupperware in office. But hey, they're Tupperware, it'd get lost if I leave them!!!

Hole in My Fussybutt Moonbow Pads :(

This is a picture of my Fussybutt Moonbow....the fleece regular and X-large. Look closely and you'll see tiny holes near the snaps.

Also I have the fleece-petite (7.5") with hole near the snap too, but it's not pictured because I left it in my parents' house.

Then I realize something...probably the holes came from the price tag ?

Monday, January 4, 2010

Happy New Year!

Snow leopard
4 cute kittens!

Playful snow leopard cub with mom...

All photos:

Happy new year my friends!!!

I do little flash back back in 2009, here they are:

I started a relationship :)

I did almost nothing in when it came to career last year. But I traveled a lot.

I was blessed with relatively good and my family. Alhamdulillah

I turned 31...and I had to accept the fact that it would be harder to maintain my ideal weight :P

I went to Hong Kong, sponsored by my aunt :)

My father sold some of his cars, beloved Silver 960 was included....and he bought S90 Executive.

I grew awareness on 3R last year. I started bringing shopping bags; using towels instead of toilet paper, bringing lunch box to office and the most expensive one is using cloth pad.