Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Still Searching for The One....

Photo of Cyclez by WAHMarama

I'm talking about cloth pad!!!

I posted in Tinytapir FB wall about holes in my Moonbow(s). She asked me to email the picture of the hole and I did it. I also put a link to my review about Moonbow and Freshmoon.

She replied, said she can't open the pic :(
But she did read my review and said I should try Cyclez. Here's her email:
Thanks for the links to your reviews. It's true, the moonbows and fresh moon will become much more absorbent the more you use it. Please note for the moonbow, because the water resistent layer is wool (more breathable and natural), it may still show a stain coming through on a heavy day, but it should not leak onto your panty unless you've really left it a long long time.

I would actually recommend you try the Cyclez pad, i think you will like it better than the natural fabrics as your primary concern is absorbency, no leaking through the wings and very easy to clean. The cyclez pad is much more absorbent than the moonbows and fresh moon, you definitely will not get a leak from it as it uses a PUL backing and it will not flip up when you pull down your underwear (due to the wide wing design, it's not like the moonbow). Also, as it is all man made fiber, it's super easy to clean - just soak it for about 6 hours and the blood washes straight out.

Thanks for the advice! I'll order it next time...
...when I have the budget :P

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