Thursday, January 21, 2010

Cisarua Trip

Last Monday I went to Taman Safari Cisarua for one night business trip. I'm not gonna talk about the job, that would be boring (because I'm bored too, hehehe), but I'm gonna tell you about the weather.

I can't stand cold.

I wear jacket/blazer/light sweater coat even at office. Not to mention that my desk is bellow the A/C, so I wear hat.
(I know, that's creepy)

And there I was, freezing in Cisarua.

I wore thick sweater, but it wasn't enough. Then I layered it with light sweater coat. Don't forget the knitted hat.

I wish I brought gloves!!!!!

I was so amazed that some of my coworkers didn't wear anything besides their regular shirt.

The funny fact was I smoked a lot and didn't get any sore throat!!!
While it was freezing, probably the air was still pollution.

(And I have sore throat now back in polluted-Jakarta, hehehe)

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