Thursday, December 17, 2009

Fresh Moon and Moonbow: Cloth Pad Review

This time I have change to try them because I'm not travelling!!! Yipiiiieee!!

(yeah, it's odd to be excited about having period, heh?!)

It was heavy-flow day, and I was wearing 4 types of pads that day:
First it was Fresh Moon 11" AIO --all in one-- cotton velour, classified as Night Pad in Tiny Tapir. Gee, it was bulky!!! I can't say it feels like wearing nothing because it was bulky, but it stayed in place very very well and I didn't trace any leak.

The second pad was undyed Moonbow medium fleece (9.5") , that's classified as Day Pad in tinytapir. This one was very thin and has perfect size, but too bad it was a heavy day. It almost leak, I saw a spot in the back --the fabric is organic merino wool jersey--.

The third was green Moonbow large velour (12.5"), classified as Night Pad in Tiny Tapir. This one was large but thin....something I needed to get used to. Wearing disposable pads means having the pads hold in place by adhesive, and I always forgot that cloth pad wasn't provided with adhesive, the front and the back part of the pads flipped when I took off my panty --kelipet pas buka CD--, probably because it was so thin. And I noticed a leak.

The forth was blue Moonbow X Large fleece (13"), a night pad. This one is longer and thicker the Large one. I find it too thin for a long pad, I mean, long pad should be thicker, because the front and the back are flipped every time I took off my panty --tiap buka CD, tiap kali ujung2nya kelipet-- and for me, the crotch area was too narrow, it bleed to the 'wings'.

I read that cloth pad needs to be washed 10x to achive its maximum absorpion.

Now comes the hardest part: washing the pads.
I'm so glad I'm not affraid of blood....I rinse the pads until the water almost clear from blood, then soak it overnight.
The Fresh Moon was easy to clean while Moonbows are easily stained :(

Here's some cons and pros from the pads:

Fresh Moon AIO 11":
  • bulky
  • stays in place so well
  • doesn't leak
  • easy to wash => no stain.

Moonbow medium (9.5") fleece and large (12.5") velour

  • it's very thin.
  • so thin, it's easily flipped (kelipet) when you take off your panty.
  • not too easy to clean, it left stain.

Moonbow X Large fleece (13")

  • thinner than the Fresh Moon
  • Kelipet2 kalau buka CD. Ugh
  • I found the crotch too narrow, the flow goes to the wings!
  • Hard to clean, stained.

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