Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Garnier Skin Naturals Light Visible Whitening Face Powder

I put Biokos 2 way cake inside my makeup pouch in my gym-bag, but but it's already broken and made my pouch dirty so I need a new one.
I don't want something fancy and branded since I leave my gym bag (with makeup pouch in it) inside my parked car, so I searched for a cheaper powder.
I choose Garnier, mine is ivory.
The claim: long-lasting shine free effect.
The verdict: I only use this after gym, before I go home (hey, even when it's just a ride to my apartment, I have to look good, hehehehe) and I only feel the 'long lasting shine free effect' for less than 1 hour.
But I don't mind because it's easy to take off at night, and it's cheap so I won't complain. But I complain on the packaging! It's ugly and looks cheap :P

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