Monday, December 7, 2009

Is This Too Much??!

Participating in waste-reduction act gives me new attitude. I think it's little bit silly because now I feel terribly guilty everytime I generate inorganic waste!

Such as, 2 weeks ago I left my lunch box and the pads in my parents' house (it was long weekend so I brought my pads to Cibubur) and I went to Puncak for 3 days then went back to apartment (means: I left all the pads and lunch box), I had to wear disposables and ordered from canteen without lunch box and I felt guilty about it.

And because I use more water due washing the pads and towels, I ordered phosphate-free detergent.

Then I thought about skincares and cosmetics. I thought about their packaging that would go to trash can. Hmm....That leads me to The Body Shop, where you can return your empty bottles and I love the idea.

while using daily bodywash and body lotion from TBS still too expensive for me, probably I switch my skincare to TBS.

Oh God, is my attitude too much?

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