Monday, December 28, 2009

Slimming Pills

I was so snob, thinking I was blessed with good genetics and could stay slim forever...

Until I hit 31.

All the thoughts fell apart :P

I'm not saying that I'm fat now, but I find it harder to maintain the ideal weight.

If now I weigh X, I once hit (X+3)kg and I stopped eating dinner (only WRP at night), exercise more, only ended up with messed up period and no weight loss.

Then I started taking slimming pills. Mine is Indonesian traditional herbs --jamu-- and I've tried Mustika Ratu, Sariayu and recently I take one by Jamu Borobudur.

Three brands that I mentioned above are reputable companies, so I'm not worried by the bad effect on my health.
I just drink more water.

Every product contains daun jati belanda. I take it after lunch and dinner --but I don't take it when I drink WRP, that's too much-- and believe me, it works.

Now I'm back with my X kg :)

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