Friday, December 11, 2009

Caring Colours Has Cute Color Set!!!

yesterday I was looking for umm...Diatabs *shy* in Guardian when I notice 6 'pocket book' by Caring Colours.

What? A cosmetic brand produced a book??!

Turned out it was a makeup palette!!!! It came in 6 sets, each has unusual name, all career-related.
How to Stay Awake from 9 to 5
How to Make Your Boss Notice You

How to Love Your Job

How to Deal with Tight Deadlines
How to Take Your Career to the Top

Anyway, I made mistake of searching in the Internet by typing 'Biokos', turned out the makeup is named Caring Colour.

It had no testers back in Guardian so I couldn't see colors in that cute palette. The size is small, very handy, about the size of their 2-way foundation.

I think it's very useful for touch up...or to be shown off to your friend because it's sooooooo adorable.

I'm not a fan of their 2-way foundation, but I love the blush...and I think the eyeshadow is pretty OK.

I got the pictures from Martha Tilaar Online Shop. I can't copy the picture of every sets, but here's the five ADORABLE set.

Price (from the online shop): IDR 79,500; in Guardian about IDR 82,000, sorry I don't remember the exact figure.
Somehow, the names and the packaging reminds me of Benefit , a brand that isn't available in Indonesia

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