Monday, December 28, 2009

Disposable VS Reuseable

Which is better? Disposable sanitary napkin or cloth pad?

If you search in Google about cloth pad, many will say "once you try it, you'll never look back"; "they don't smell"; "they easy to care"; "they're softer than disposables"; "they'll save your money" etc.

This is my opinion on menstrual cloth pad and I'm not gonna lie:
Comfort: I don't have allergic reaction wearing any disposables, for me the pads and the disposable are the same when it comes to comfort.

Price: The pads aren't collection worth more than IDR 1 million and it's not enough for the whole cycle! Probably it's a long-term investment, but for Indonesian standard, it's cheaper to buy Kot*x or Ch*rm than spending IDR 150,000 for one pad.

Smell: while it's true that the pads has less smell than the disposable, but it has smell. Come on, it's a bloody pad! Blood has smell, right?

Easy to care: No they're not easy to wash. Probably I haven't found the right pad, but it takes some effort to clean them. Heaviest day is the hardest part, the bloody water...Sometimes I feel my bathroom is a murder scene!!!

The conclusion?

It's not easy to act green :)

To be honest, in my heaviest day, disposable is better. Just use and throw. No bloody bathroom. No stain. It's the guilty feeling of generating inorganic waste that stops me from using disposable :)

But cloth pantyliner is different story. I think everyone (eh, women) should wear this. It's not too expensive, easy to clean and you can wash it once a week without any smell --unless you sniff it closely. Ugh--

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