Thursday, December 31, 2009

Honeybee Hill Drop-in Pad Pocket

I copy the photo from

The pad is classified on 'light day pad' on so I used it on my lighter days.

Material: thick organic cotton and hemp french terry. Size: 8" long

I put the 'insert' and it felt very very bulky. Even without the insert, the pad isn't thin compared to other brands I have.

Turn out I didn't need the insert because when I was about to wash it, I pulled out the insert and it was still clean. While I'm not heavy bleeder and it wasn't heavy day, yet I bleed. Amazing.

It had no waterproof-lining so I was amazed it didn't leak. It also didn't take much time to dry (unlike Fussybutt Moonbow!).

The downside: stain, stain, stain!!.

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