Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Clarisonic Brush

Last year, my friend Wina generously gave me a Clarisonic, a skincare gadget.
I never had a change to write a descent review about this thing because my skin is VERY fluctuating. Here's the example: 
I have superflawless skin during and couple months after chemotherapy. 
I know it sounds very bad, but i miss what chemo did to my skin. It was glowing. No oil. No dryness. Just perfection. Also I had microdermabrasion on June 2011 so the skin was very very very beautiful. There were times when all I needed was under-eye concealer and loose powder. Seriously.

Then...after 6 months...hormone eruption. That's my own terminology, not the doctor's FYI. I had breakouts allover my chest. My back. My forehead. Cheekbones. I'm just glad that I had no zits on my cheeks, otherwise it would be disaster (because it's easy to get scar on thin areas like cheek). At that time I use Clarisonic twice a day and bathed with antiacne soap...and it didn't help much. 

I still had zits. 

Right now I'm using the brush once a day, at night. Wait until my skin in normal condition again, I'll write a descent review about it.

20 Juni 2012
If you look carefully, you can see zit allover my forehead. and FYI, I wore foundation and loose powder for this picture. 

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