Monday, February 24, 2014

Blackberry Q5, Why I don't Like It

OK. Last post was June 2012.
Didn't have the mood to write. I got sick all the time and I didn't buy expensive cosmetics, so nothing worth to write.

This time I'll write about something I rarely write: about GADGET.

My old Bold Blackberry is almost 2 years old now, quite elderly for a smartphone. I decided to get a new one.
For those who'd say "it's no longer blackberry era" or in Indonesian "Hari gene masih pake BB?" I'd reply, politely: I love Blackberry. I don't care what you say. I don't like android much, and I can't stand WhatsApp.

I choose Q5 because: my BF said it's good. And red is available. Then I checked myself: it has a camera for selfie. cool. I want that. Simple as that. Shallow as that.

So I sold the old one and get the RED Q5.

Turns out I hate it.

Just like Windows8, it's not user friendly. I'm not a high-tech geek, but as normal people, I found those things difficult to use. (it's been months since my office got the Windows8, I still hate and grumpy about that).

Here's why I don't like Q5:

  • call it silly, but it has no 'back' button. I have to scroll, scroll, scroll like crazy to be 'back'.
  • it has no 'blackberry icon' , the one to 'edit' 'copy' etc. I don't know how to edit 'autotext' and a friend say "read the manual book". Huh. Since when we start reading Manual Book??! 
  • it has no front page icons. I don't know how to explain this, but my new BB has a BBM, FB, Twitter, text messages icons on front page. and I don't have to scroll to find them. Probably I have to read the manual book to get a front page I like
  • you can't use normal Blackberry package in Telkomsel. I need to use Internet Package. So when the quota is finished and 'pulsa' is empty, I'd have a smartphone that can't call, text, or open Facebook. My old Blackberry still can use BBM and FB even without 'pulsa'

I don't like spending energy on something unimportant like trying to get 'back' so I think I'll sell this one.
I'll edit if I found anything else I hate/love.


  • It has no Auto On/Off option, which is very important on alarms..Now I rely on old fashioned clock.


Note: this is a personal review. Probably you like it. A coworker said it's similar to Apple. I don't have Apple and don't want one. And if you hate Windows8, probably you'll hate the BB10.

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