Wednesday, November 25, 2009

How to Clean the Pads

I read many reviews in the Internet about the pads and sometimes the writer wrote about how to wash the pads.

  1. rinse them untill the water runs clear then wash them.
  2. wash them after overnight soak .
  3. wash them at the end of her cycle.
  4. wash them once a month. (ewwwww!)

I find number 3 and 4 little bit offensive (hehehe), I combine 1 and 2 and it's not as easy as it seems. I'll explain later.

Cloth panty liners

I wash my panties daily so I don't have any problem washing the pantyliners:

Soak it with detergent when I got home and wash it at the end of the day. I use a small plastic bucket (about 20 cm diameter) and it can fit 2 'toilet towels', 2 panties and 2-3 pads. I use about 1 table spoon of Attack Detergent and two-three rinses are enough to clean them. Simple.

Menstrual pads

To be honest, it's not easy to clean the pads. I stained my undyed 11" Moonbow :(

I rinse it until the water clear and soak it overnight. And the Moonbow still stained, not heavily stained, but it had stain. After it dried, I washed it again, this time using pre-wash stain remover (a baby product, I forgot the brand. Cussons, perhaps?) and it's not completely gone, but better.

The Moonbow takes much effort to clean while I don't have much problems with Fresh Moon.

But it's a mentrual pad. It's meant to be stained :D

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