Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Un-ecofriendly and Un-pretty Trip

@ HK Airport, ready to go home!

Although I try to do the 3R (well, at least the REDUCE part), traveling isn’t time to be eco-friendly. I used shampoo and conditioner in sachet; I even used paper underwear; and sure no pads! I just use the disposables.

And if disposable bra were available, I'd wear them...

I even left my broken luggage; my tiny bucket (and got another one, very cute pink bucket); my body brush (hey, the handle is broke, just like the luggage); my body lotion; my Listerin. It was a WASTE-TRIP.

(I’m very Indonesian about the toilet. I can’t use dry-toilet so I brought along my bucket when traveling)

And the un-pretty part was my makeup. If you see I’m not too photogenic in pictures as I used to, that’s because I didn’t bring much makeup there. No MAC Fluidline, it was just Maybelline eyeliner (something easy to take off at night), no concealer (it would be too messy to bring loose powder), no mascara, not even lipstick. I just brought a sheer lipcolor by Revlon. And no touched up during the day because I was too lazy to pack my makeup in the backpack.

That was my face. How about my looks?

While I love dressing up, I never Travel In Style. I wore moccasin, jeans, small cross-body bag (and the zipper was broken during the trip) and a backpack to bring my sweater-coat. I hated that because it wasn’t cold at all.

If I knew that it would be hot…if I knew that the girls were dazzling….ugh….

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