Friday, November 13, 2009


Note: this is my personal opinion. You don't have to agree with me. Thanks

I was reading my favorite beauty blog, Beauty Addict, who wrote about Mary Kay Satin Hands that lead me to pink truth, a site about fact, opinion, real story of Mary Kay Cosmetics.

I read the postings, and then thinking....most of the posters were MK consultant and they weren't happy about it. That it was a cult, that it made them almost broke (because in order to be in certain level, you need to purchase, as example, US$ 4000 of product. You can't consume them all in once and MK constantly change their packaging, leaving unused product that can't be sold). They hate MK consultant for being tooo pushy, or for treating a party as recruitment opportunity.

Simply said: MK isn't a good bussiness.

I also read that MLM aren't good.

But it's their opinion. How about mine?

I never buy anything too bombastic. If a friend inform me about a Volvo that IDR 20 million less than standard, I don't believe it. The question would be:

  1. Is the owner desperate for money? => BU?
  2. Does the car needs many, many, repairment? => banyak jajan?
  3. How about the taxes? => pajaknya mati? Berapa tahun?
If the reason is number 1, that's a good bargain. But if you'll need to spend IDR 25 million for repairment, that's not worth it.

Same judgement applies to MLM.

Once I joined Oriflame (Swedish cosmetics), simply because I wanted the discount :)

Once I saw an ads in FB saying work from home, earn up to IDR 40 million! and I was instantly sceptical about that.

Life sucks and you can't have everything. You can't have good career, good kids, good home, good husband and good friends at a time. You gotta make a choice. So when the ads said work from home, I believed it would sacrife some quality time with your kids and husband. And the 40 million part made me think:

Work from home = spend hours talking on the phone, online on the Internet replying emails and updating my sites, attending bussiness meetings/training --which usually held after office hour or on weekends--, leave the baby cry because I can't leave this potential customer.

One member of Pink Truth wrote about her successful career in MK....because she spent almost 80 hours working.

Hey, that's twice office working hour!

I know a family who do MLM full-time, and without support from their relatives, they'd have no car and no house.

So, what do I think about MLM?
  1. I can't be wealthy unless you're in top level => I'm one of the first members
  2. I can't have IDR 40 million because I'm too lazy to do that.
  3. Besides lazy, I don't have many friends, so it would be impossible to have 40 million because you have to recruit many many many people.
  4. I can't make a living with MLM only. I need a full time job.

Yes, I believe that I can make some money doing MLM, but sure not 40 million a month :D

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