Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Love Moon Anion

I was travelling when I had my period so I had to use disposables. I already had the Love Moon Anion, an MLM product, and I tried it.

I was amazed when I knew the price tag for 10 day pads: it cost IDR 50,000!!! Wow.

After trying it, I have some cons and pros.

  • It felt sooo dry.
  • No nasty smell. Blood is organic, sure it has certain smell, but Love Moon makes it less unpleasant.
  • Usually I had cramp and headaches during my period and sometimes took Feminax to ease the pain. Believe it or not, with Anion, I experienced less.
I'm not a heavy bleeder so I was dissapointed when it leaked. Ugh. But probably it was my fault because I forgot to change it after 8 hours(!).

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