Thursday, November 26, 2009

LT Pro Translucent Powder

I was disappointed with my Oriflame Airsoft Powder so I had to search another one. I was going to Plaza Cibubur last Sunday when I noticed a brand called LT Pro.

It's a professional makeup line from La Tulipe --a brand that I love-- and I was interested by the powders.

I was like "it's a pro thing. It should have medium coverage and nice texture" and purchased LT Pro Translucent Powder in Clair, very fair color, and hope I could wear it alone without foundation when I'm not in the mood for much makeup.

I can't comment on the staying power because it's no different from other brands I've tried.
I like the texture, it's blendable, but it's too translucent for a professional makeup line and I was expecting something more opaque so I was disappointed.

Silly me. It's has translucent in its name, baby!!!

Price: IDR 80,000 ++

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