Thursday, November 17, 2011

Pixy Color of Delight: Eyeliner and Eyebrow Pencil

Right now I'm interested on local product. Simply because they're cheaper, hehehe. Affordable cosmetics are something good when it comes to something we dont' use everyday, such as bright eyeliner.

I saw Pixy Color of Delight cosmetics in Hypermart. I was interested on their eyeliner because it seemed cute. According the website Mandom Indonesia Tbk this product is "multifunction pencil that can be used as eyeliner and eyeshadow. Available in white, maroon and green". Mine was green.

What they didn't mention is that this pencil had glitter...and also super long lasting. I washed my face many, many times that day and the green liner stayed. Well, not the glitter.

The second product I have is an eyebrow pencil. It's black.
I noticed my eyebrow became thinner since the chemotherapy, so my dark brown Revlon eyebrow pencil no longer natural on my eyebrow since it created reddish brown eyebrow! I don't want something expensive, hopefully my eyebrow will grow back after the chemo :)
The Pixy pencil is a good product. Not too hard, not too soft for eyebrow pencil. I love it. I mix it with my Revlon.

Probably because its dark color, I think it lasts longer than the dark brown Revlon.

I don't remember the price (both eyeliner and eyebrow pencil!), but I think it costs less than IDR 40,000.

Bottom line: Indonesian cosmetics have good quality these days, but I haven't found good local foundation. Yet.

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