Tuesday, July 25, 2017

How to Pull Off Dark Lipstick

I used to wear neutral lips.
Then I got older and discovered lots of cute bright matte lipstick, I was hooked. Bright matte lips are my staple. 

I have some dark lipstick because I wanted to do the ombre thing. But last week I decided to wear it separately, in the day time, for work in the ministry. Here's the selfies:
Purbasari EC87

Wardah Intense Matte 12

Wet N Wild Sugar Plum Fairy
and I love the result. I didn't get much compliment, but that wasn't I intended to. I wear them to please myself. 
Also I realize that Wardah Intense Matte 12 is not flattering for my skintone because it's too brown.

So, what does it take to wear dark lips?? Here's some advice:

  1. Wear it with confidence.
  2. Being old helps too. I didn't have the confidence before I hit 35.
  3. Confidence itself is useless if the color doesn't suit your skintone. So pick the right shade.
  4. This kind of makeup requires flawless skin (or concealer, if you don't have good skin).
  5. Keep the eyes neutral. Don't wear dark eyeshadow AND dark lips if you don't want to fall into goth territory.
  6. Exfloliate. Dark, patchy, flaky lips are not flattering.
  7. Have fun. It's just makeup, not a tattoo. Wipe it off if your friend says it's ugly!

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