Thursday, June 25, 2009

Shopping Bag

Last Saturday I went to Plaza Cibubur, ready for shopping.

I try to be green, so I brought my own shopping bag.

Ugly shopping bag. Goodies from woman magazine, but it can be folded --diuntel2 lebih tepatnya-- so you can put it in your bag easily.

After went into Pojok Busana and found nothing, I went into a shop near it.

And yes!!!! I found cute shopping bags....
*in love*

I choose two: brown one (ada 'bajunya') and the pink one (that can be folded into strawberry-shape).

So now, I put the ugly-blue-shopping bag in my purse for impulsive-shopping, and bring the cute ones for grocery shopping.

Dan kemarin, gue pergi Carrefour Ambas, udah siap dengan tas jelek dan si coklat...dua2nya kepake...dan mbak2 kasirnya ampe ketawa, mungkin dia gak nyangka ada orang yang niat ampe bawa DUA shopping bag...

jangan salah mbak...masih ada kantong plastik satu lagi, terlipat rapih dalam tas!!!

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