Thursday, October 1, 2009

Cloth Pad Review

I'm using them!!!
No more disposables..
(kecuali kepepet hehehe)

Love them!!

I have 4 panty liners (2 Saffa; 2 Mollyliners) and 1 pad (fresh moon). I love the Mollyliners but I don't like Saffa. They tend to give me rash :(

So I combine the Mollyliners with Saffa, because I can't wear the Saffa all day long.

And now the menstrual pad:
I only have one and it's Fresh Moon. I wore it on my light days, and no, no, no, it didn't leak. Believe me!

But because I only have one, I still use the disposable ones and the pad was like 'wash-dry-wear' or cuci-kering-pakai hahahaha!

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