Friday, May 14, 2010

Some Surgery Preparation, What You Should Bring

I won't talk about anything medical, just something silly, but I hope, useful during your hospital stay.
I can't talk about other surgery, I just talk about thyroid surgery.

It's very useful to bring plastic hair clip...I forgot mine and ended up using rubberband for my hair during bath!!

I had a kimono 'uniform'. It's not cotton, it's slipping away all the time. I wish I bring a brooch...or a safety pin to avoid wardrobe malfunction :)

With all those pipes and bandage, I wasn't able to wash my prepare yourself to have dirty bloody hair (literally speaking)

Bring disposable undies. Hospital is not a place to think about 3R :D

Bring a facial cleanser and facial cotton. I didn't have the energy to wash my face, so I cleaned it with facial lotion (mine was Ovale)

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