Wednesday, June 16, 2010

FB Games

It's called FB Applications, actually...but I prefer it as 'games' :)

How many games do I play?

Hmmm....I can't say I'm a gamer, but yes I play several games *shy*

My first game was Farm Town. There was a time I left the game when it has no challange anymore: level 34 was the higher level and I was level 34. But now???! Ugh, the levelling is unbelievable!! Also you can produce many things with the crops, such as turns wheat into flour. That's cool.
I'm level 50s now.

Then Farmville. What I love about this game is it has lots and lots of surprise. For instance, if you master a crop, you'll get extra XP and coins.

Cafe World: this thing is a disaster for old computers. IT'll make them slow..very very slow...I'm level 76 now.

YoVille, a home-decorating game. What I hate about this game is the furnitures are very very expensive compared with your earning (visiting 25 friends and working in factory), probably the maker expect us to buy coins and cash (hahaha). Also it takes time to visit friends (slow loading). The best part? Those furnitures look very very very realistic. But to be honest, this is not my favorite game.

My Town: no longer in priority, but I love this spatial planning (?) game. The goods are not to expensive and I love decorating the cities. I have FIVE cities !!!!

Hotel City: new game. My level is under 20.

Country Life: it takes ages to jump to higher level. Used to play this one like crazy, but not anymore.

BArn Buddy: this one is very very boring, minimum decorating effort. I stopped playing this game.

Social City: not interested in the graphic.
Also I have several applications I don't play: just accept them for my friends (to be their neighbor).

Most of my gamer friends still playing Farmville (I think it's the most popular game, along with Mafia Wars).

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