Thursday, July 17, 2014

Yes, I'm Officially Old

Impressive title huh?!

But that's the truth. I guess all of you will agree on this: we're considered old when we need to take Atorvastatin. It's a sign when our metabolism no longer work well.

About two months ago I did blood check and found my total cholesterol was high. Then last month I did a 'diet'. Well not a true diet, but I stop consuming snacks and anything fried (other than for meal. We're Indonesian love fried food). The result? I lost some weight. Not much, but I used to eat anything I want, anywhere I want, anytime I want and that's killing me. I became grumpy at work for 2 days. Then my body used to the hunger (LOL).

My friend said "probably you're on stress" and at that time I was still in academic stress. I took Omega-3 supplement.


Total cholesterol declined, but still above 200.

Then fasting month. I still can't do full fasting for 30 days, but I tried. And checked my total cholesterol level.

Reduced. But still slightly above 200. It was 207 to be exact.

Then I went to the internist and told him the problem: that I already reduced my snacking habit, that I don't change my 3 times a day meal..and he gave me Atorvastatin because "your metabolism is no longer good" at least that's what I got from him.

And also I still suffer gastritis despite I already finished my study. Now I have new meds: for cholesterol and for my gastritis.

So, my high cholesterol body just enjoy skinnier body with flat abs, wearing new Marks and Spencer jeans with shirt tucked in!!

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