Monday, August 4, 2014

What I Did On Holiday

For those who love travelling, probably you'd think I have a boring life.
In fact, probably I do :D

Here's what I did on Eid Mubarak Holiday: I helped my mom with house chores..I slept. Lots of sleep. I went to nearby malls (we in Cibubur have three malls and one hypermarket) and bought clothes and grocery shopping. Then I went back home and sleep.

And most of the time, I removed weeds on my yard. Our grass can't compete with the weed and it's fun to remove if, since the cats think we entertain them..

I took lots of's some of it:

What happened when my 25 kg female dog, who loves to bite stranger, jumped into my lap. Her name is Coklat, she's spayed and mother of six.  

 Here's a view of eight cats in backyard

This is Dodol, my mix longhair kitten, son of Kampret (a longhair himself) 

View of some of the pups, with mother Coklat 

This cute brown marbled is named Macu, the most expensive cat I ever had. He had hemorrhoid and needed expensive surgery. Look at his shaved cute little belly!

Then came the fun-est part: cats playing in my 'pengki', something to collect the weeds......

 Cimi, red (no name yet) and Odi in 'pengki' , inspected by Taffy (collared) and Macu

Cimi and Red tried to sleep, while Odi and Maci played

Odi and Cimi sleeping, Taffy and Maci playing

Sometimes they jumped into my lap and scratched my flawless skin. It's hard to maintain perfect skin during holiday 

parky the dog observing... 

My not-too-healthy kitties....They just sleep and not playing 

but Odi decided to join the unhealthy kitties.. 

And last one: Macu is recovering well and we joke "Don't die, you're so bloody expensive!!!!!" so I called the vet to give  Macu and his cage-mate vaccine shots.

....and I'm broke :D. So glad my vet gave me discount because she knows we raised stray cats..

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