Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Holiday Activity

I took eight(!) days off during the end of the year and what did I do on holiday?
Practically nothing, other than doing household work, playing with my animals and went grocery shopping.

First I wanted to learn how to cook. I cooked sweet-sour chicken (my mother taught me how to) and it was the last meal I cooked because after that my assistant got sick.
sour-sweet chicken

So I did the cat-cage cleaning, helped my mom with the household work. Then slept. Watched TV. Went to nearby mall/plaza and did little shopping. Then ate. What a life.

We also had cute (cat) babies because Beti and Congek gave birth around the same time, babies were supercute and mix (half long haired) we just loved to play with them.

This is older kitten: Mino (male) and Moni (F), Neri's kits. They're mix too.
Mino (male)

Mino (front) and Moni playing on cemetary roof
Beti's kits are special because they're so expensive, the mother can't give birth naturally we had to send her to the vet and paid expensive medical bills :D
Beti and 3 kits (with sister Jeli)

 And this one is our bundle of joy. Shelly, Beti's baby.
Shelly with mother Beti

our favorite, Shelly (female)
This is just ordinary day, Bodas my fixed male cat (who stays in Cat Room most of the time) with Petril, Panjat's adopted black kitten.
Bodas (white) and Petril
 Congek with her 2 babies. This female cat is one of the trouble maker, she stole Beti's babies all the time, so we sometimes gave her 1 of Beti's baby. Hers are mixed: one is short hair, one is long haired.
Congek and babies (with Mr. Kendul, a baby lover)
 Then some picture of cats from Depok Train Station, 2 of 4.
Depok Tidak Lucu (male)
Desi (female)

 This is Panjat, who gave birth in neighbor's place and brought her kits when they're bigger. Named Lighty and Darky  because one has lighter coat than the other. Both female
Panjat with daughters
Another activity was learning how to drive manual transmission. My father is a matic-freak, we didn't have many MT cars so I never knew how to shift gears. I took driving course and went there by motorcycle and didn't have any helmet. People here in Kranggan don't use helmet at all, it was terrifying. They just use hats. so first I used bicycle helmet, then decided to buy a REAL helmet. Here's the selfie

After 4 course I think I don't need to continue (I still have 5 lessons).

All the holiday activities included eat, eat, eat, eat. I bought lot of snacks, ate ice cream everyday and of course that leads to weight gain. Here's some wardrobe tips to conceal 2 kilos: use black.
black tunic on black jeans

 On last day of the holiday, I went to Ayang-ayang Shelter, a cat shelter located in Cinere. Around 100 cats there but I didn't meet all of them. The most impressive cat was Sparta, a blind cat who looooved human attention. Somehow he knew my presence and gave me a rub. That's cool.
posing with one of the members

some of the members
Not every cat is in the cage. Some were inside of the house, some were in cages because they loved to travel to neighbors (and neighbors hated cats. Ewww). They're not in perfect condition, but they're OK. Please donate if you can because the owner can't afford by herself.
(and if you comment "if she cant afford 100 cats, why keep those cats?" the answer is "could you leave small kitten, abandoned left to die in street, starving and crying for help??" And people are cruel, they just left the cats around the Shelter and left no food with them. Not cool.)

Last but not least, I have 3 new handbags


It was just cleaning the house, shopping and playing with my cats. Not cool huh?!

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