Thursday, July 23, 2015


Last February, in one online store, I saw a very good deal of hair styler/straightener. So I google-ed it and found a review in youtube, by a girl named Bunny the Grav3yardgirl. The video at that time had 4 million hits.

Guess what? I'm hooked. I love the way she talks. I love the way she reviews the products, both cosmetics or As Seen In TV thing...I also enjoy her Follow Me Around video or 'tea vlog' where she talks for 20 minutes about things like salon experience.

She has tween, teen fans and I'm 37!!! WHOAA!! But I don't care, I love her videos.

I'm writing this because she inspires me to do my own makeup tutorial. I'm not makeup artist, but in my world (yeah), at least among my friends, I'm the guru of makeup. I've been wearing makeup since collage, just because in Indonesia it's forbidden for high school girls to wear makeup. Other wise I'd wear them.

Screenshot of Bunny The Grav3yardgirl on Youtube

First, I post a Facebook status "if I make a makeup tutorial, would anyone watch it?" and I got tens positive replies.

So, I did it. Bought a cell phone tripod and filming with my Samsung S3 Mini. The result? Not bad, but still FAAAAAAR from perfection (if Bunny the standard is 10, probably I gain 2-3 points). No, I don't have the ambition to have 5 million followers because the more people watch the video, the more bullying we'd get. Poor Bunny, people call her 'ugly' 'lazy' 'horse teeth'. That's horrible. I don't think I can handle cyber-bullying. I just post in on my Facebook page and only selected friends can view it.

Screen capture of my 'tutorial'

I did self-evaluation:
  • I know I'm not Bunny, I'm not hilarious and funny. I want to be like her, but it would be fake if I try to act like her. 
  • I know I don't sound bad. It's not good to hear high-pitched vlogger, right?
  • Sometimes I speak too fast.
  • It's hard to stay focused while doing monologue with the camera. I don't know how Bunny does that. I have tons on my mind, like product description, but I just don't say them right. It sounds very good on my head but sounds terrible on camera. 
  • I don't know where to look. I know I should look at the lens while filming, but I did makeup tutorial and it's impossible not to look at the screen (and create weird eye angle on film).
  • Sometimes I didn't prepare the makeup and tools properly so I was busy looking around and looked stupid. 
  • I think I should name it 'The Way Indira Apply Her Makeup' because Tutorial seems too bossy and guru-y.
I also got some feedback:
  • I should put before-after pics.
  • I should not talk while fast-forwarding. 
  • More on description: if I do a contouring, I should explain about contouring little bit.
I edited some part using Movie Maker in Windows8, I fast forward and add subtitle. For example, when I applied foundation, I fast-forward because it would be boring seeing myself with makeup brush for 2 minutes. Then I put some subtitle because I wasn't good with product EXACT name and spent too many times turning the packaging and reading the description. Not attractive. 

Then I realized that I like the editing more than filming!!

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