Friday, March 19, 2010

Moonlite (Cloth) Pantyliner

I ordered 6 Moonlite pantyliners from I took 2 and sell the rest.

It's made of 2 layer of fabrics, the seller asked me what kind of fabric I wanted...I don't know anything about fabric, so I answered "anything, as long it has velour on one side"

So I got 6 pantyliners, made of 12 kind of fabrics :D

Anyway, Moonlite is a pantyliner, no waterproofing, made from 2 layers of fabric.

Mine are purple (bamboo fleece + BSFT --can't find the definition of BSFT. Probably it's bamboo-S(?)-french terry) and red (bamboo velour + organic sherpa)

The red cloth is thicker than the purple one.
The purple is very very very thin. It's thinner than most of my cloth liners.

Love it!!!

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