Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Epicerma Review

I reviewed Epicerma panty liner before.

I like the panty liner, but I don't like the menstrual pad that much.

The menstrual pad is thicker than the panty liner, the serge (obras-an) little bit bothering me...friction with my legs :(

I used it on my lighter days..I just don't think a 7.5" would give enough protection.

And I was right.

My flow went to the center of the pads..and the wings :( But it was a light day so I don't mind.

Used it in light days, I didn't notice any leakage.

Now the hardest part: washing.
Compared with Honeybee Hill pad I used that day, Epicerma was much much easier to clean.

And no stain!!!! Yippieeee!!!

Overall: this expensive pad is good on your lighter days...and it cleans stain.

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