Thursday, February 4, 2010


I took the picture from Etsy

Yeah, I washed them yesterday...after showing them off!! :)

I ordered The Sample Pack from Etsy. The pack contains 1 pantyliner, 1 regular absorbency, 1 extra absorbent and 1 extra long pad. To my surprise they all are 7.5" long and the extra long is only 10". Compare that to my 14" Moonbow!!!

I think I'll like this one: they dry fast!!!

Epicerma has different design than other AIOs (all in one). The wing is just wing, not an extender from the body.

The good part? It's not bulky at all, since --in my experience-- the wings that make the bulky-feeling.

The bad part? I'm affraid it would leak because it has no waterproofing and gee, the width is only 2.5".

Using other AIO pads, when it's time to change the pads, I snap it and put in the plastic bag. But using Epicerma needs more effort. The snap placement in the wings make it harder to fold the dirty pad neatly.

and oh yeah, it's expensive for a 'simple' design with no waterproofing material.

We'll what happen next. I'll write more reviews.

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