Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Simple Calculation of Cloth Pantyliner

oh, this is odd.
I switch to cloth for environment, not for savings.
But I think I should make simple calculation on how much I can save on using cloth.

This is based on my needs so probably it won't suit you :)

I'm moslem so I change pantyliner 2-3 times a day because I have to be clean for praying. Yes, even a tiniest spot is considered dirty, so I have to change it.

Here's the assumption I use:
Having period of 6 days; the cost of disposable is constant all year long; 1 month = 30 days.

So I'll begin the calculation. Using disposable pantyliner will be:
24 days/month x 3 pads/day x 12 months = 864 pads/year.

Wow!!! You'll throw 864 pads per year!!!

And now I feel terribly guilty of generating such waste before I switched to cloth..

And if the cost of 20 pieces of C*refree is IDR 5000, you'll spend IDR 216,000 per year.

Now compare it to the cheapest cloth pantyliner I know, made by 4 layers of flannels. It costs RM 10 each in Tiny Tapir site. With shipping cost USD 7.5 , let's just say it costs IDR 37,500 in Indonesia.

With my needs, I'll need about 6 liners. So I'll spend
6 pads x 37,500 = IDR 225,000

It's slightly more expensive than the disposable, but the pads will last you 3-5 years!
--even if you had bad-quality pantyliner, you'll reduce 864 reusables per year--

And if you can sew, you can make it on your own...and cut more expenses.

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