Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Nice Comment About This Blog

Yesterday I posted my Maybelline Mascara link to a friend's FB wall. She loves cosmetics and cats, so I think I should 'promote' my blog to her :)

She was a high school friend and now she lives in Germany.

Here's her comment:
"Raaa, blog isinya menarik & easy reading, gw baca2 tadi pas lg di jalan, hehehe jd lebih tau ttg elo, ternyata elo environmentalist sejati (peduli lingkungan), bravo Ra :) Gue pertama2 datang ke jerman "dipaksa" misahin sampah jd 4 macem, "dipaksa" bawa kantong belanjaan sendiri (klo lupa kudu bayar or else bete sendiri krn susah bawa belanjaan pake tangan). Lama2 jadi biasa :)"

Thanks for the 'interesting and easy reading'. I hate complaining on my blog (that's what FB for, complaining!!!) and I don't write anything 'heavy' such as politics..simply because I have no idea about it.

I also keep my sarcasm opinion to myself. Hey, this blog is public. Everyone can see this.

But I 'hate' the 'true environmentalist' comment...because I'm not.

I still pollute the air: I drive 2300 cc car (sometimes 3000 cc)....I smoke....and I still live on coffee in sachets (Good Day Choco Orange?? Yummy)...I don't do composting because it's too complicated to do in small apartment..I don't shut down my computer when I leave it...and same thing for air conditioning!

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