Thursday, March 11, 2010

Quick Review of My Cloth Pads

I'm trying to make simple review of the menstrual cloth pads I have now:

Saffa pantyliners
Made of 4 layers of flannel.
Pros: thin (well, relatively); easy to clean; dry fast; affordable
Cons: at first uses I got rash. Then if became more comfortable after many many many washes :D

These are pantyliners. I even wear it on my lightest days
Pros: easy to clean; dry fast
Cons: nothing, except it's little bit bulky if you're not used with cloth pantyliner

Fussybutt Moonbow
You'll read many many good reviews on this pad, but I don't like it.
Pros: it's very thin, except the 14" pad
Cons: It takes longer time to dry after you wash it; easily stained ; the long pads (> 9" long) flip when you take off your undies.

Freshmoon AIO
Pros: The 9" pad is very very thin; relatively easy to clean; the 11" pad stays in place, not flipping around when I take off my undies.
Cons: The 11" is bulky.

Pro: the pantyliner is very very very thin. Love it! The menstrual pad is easy to clean.
Cons: the menstrual pad is very small and I use it on my lighter days. My flow goes to the wings. Also the serge around the menstrual pads touch my legs, I'm afraid it would irritate my skin. Expensive.

Honeybee Hill hemp insert pad
Pro: thin without the inserts
Cons: takes longer to dry; stained easily; bulky with the inserts in.

None of the above leak.

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